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Welcoming guests – Airbnb Management Service London

How do you make your Airbnb guests stay special and make them feel welcome? There are ofcourse things that can be offered over and above what guests expect but we believe ensuring the basics are right goes a long way to achieving a high level of guest satisfaction and 5* reviews. Here we will point out some of the important items to make a good Airbnb management service London as well as provide some ideas how you can go beyond that to offer an excellent experience.

  1. Guest Communication

The first contact you have with your guests is via the Airbnb platform so before you even meet your guests it all starts with excellent guest communication; as this is the first contact you have make the first impressions count. A fast response rate and helpful manner are needed as well as providing useful information. If the guests already feel there is someone there who cares about their needs and they have all the basic information they will need ahead of their arrival then they will already feel happier about their visit.

First things to start your Airbnb management service London is to create an attractive listing. In the listing you should highlight the key features that would be of most interest to potential guests. It should include a good description of the place, the neighbourhood and transport connections. Finally good quality photos are essential, most guests will choose and judge your place based on the photos provided so remember to accurately represent your home.

  1. Guest Arrival Day — meet and greet the guests and key exchange

Ideally a good part of Airbnb management service London is to meet your guests in person, that way you can explain how things work in the property and answer any questions they have. Its also a good way to ensure that you have the right kind of guests staying in your property and knowing they will look after it.

If you can offer your guests flexible checkin and checkout times we have found this is also been much appreciated. Travel arrangements and connections often mean guests cannot always decide when they will be arriving and leaving, so after a long journey its nice to know the property is ready for your arrival.

  1. Linen & Cleaning

This is one of the basics but probably one of the most important ones to get right, we all want to arrive in a property that is well cleaned and with fresh bed linen & toweling available. In a way if you can aim to provide a good hotel standard quality of service with the unique benefits and personality that an Airbnb property offers. To go the extra mile we recommend using an Airbnb management service London to provide fresh clean & pressed bed linen and toweling. If you do use your own linen then its worth investing in good quality linen and toweling.

Professional cleaning after every guest visit is another resource worth investing in and will save you the time to do it or manage it yourself. We have also often seen issues with house cleaners not quite delivering the requirements for Airbnb properties. Again think about applying similar standards applied in good hotels to your property. Little things like having toweling obviously ready is nice. If you have pets make sure the place has received a deep clean before guests arrive.

  1. Essentials and Welcome gifts

Essentials include things like toilet paper and hand soap, providing these would be expected and should always be regularly replenished not to fall short. You may consider impressing your guests with offering them some welcome gifts. This could be breakfast supplies, fresh fruit, flowers or something nice to drink like a bottle of wine or prosecco. Some guests appreciate these touches while others less so, you need to consider if it’s really worth it vs the cost which comes directly out of returns you make. Anyway these are a decisions you have to make in what to offer as part of your Airbnb management service London.

  1. Guest Departure

Finally don’t forget about the guests departure, so long as they depart at a practical hour (ie they don’t have to catch a 6am morning flight!) its nice to meet your guests. Ask them how was their stay and try and get some feedback so you can always improve the experience for your next guests. If they had a good stay remember to ask them to leave you a good review as some guests forget to do this.

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