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Tips for Good Airbnb Property Management London

Some people find it difficult to let strangers stay in their house. However, Airbnb has provided a way for many people to do just that and let their homes and flats to strangers to stay for short periods. Why not rent out your property or extra space and earn some extra money?

Life in London can pretty expensive and in particular paying for all the property costs and bills. Using Airbnb can be a very helpful way to cover those costs and earn some extra income when there is a premium and shortage of available space in London. The Airbnb website platform allows homeowners to advertise their properties as potential places for guests to come and stay from all over the world. This enables houses or flats with spare rooms to become a good potential source of rental income. By creating an account on the Airbnb website, you are able to quickly set up and advertise your property for rent. When creating your listing for your property to rent, its important you post high quality photos and highlight the most interesting feature of the proper ity and the neighbourhood to attract guests from all around the world. This means providing a good level & accurate details about your home, transport connections and places of interest for guests to visit during their stay.

One of the main concerns about renting out your property to strangers is if they cause damage. There is always a risk this can happen but as the host there are several things you can do to avoid this including having clear rules regarding treatment of your house. Here are several points to guide you towards good Airbnb property management.

1. List of things that should and should not be done

The first Airbnb property management tip is to let the guests know your house rules, what access & items they can have within the property, for example can they use the entire place or just certain rooms, are they allowed to use the kitchen & washing machine, are pets allowed, etc. It’s better to state all these things upfront in the listing before the guests check-in. You may have to be prepared for the occasional unwanted accidents such as a broken glass or plate. Generally we advise not to leave anything you don’t want broken available and recommend to store them away or remove them. There maybe also other relevant house rules to follow such as waste disposal; you should let the guest know the system for waste disposal, which may differ in each country.

2. Neighborhood rules

Just as important as your house rules are rules regarding your neighbours. You don’t want to upset your neighbours and want to make sure guests are respectful to their needs. Therefore, you should inform the guests about things such as no music after midnight, no parties allowed in the flat and so on.

3. House cleanliness and hygiene

If you think it is necessary to charge the guests for cleaning service fee; you can tell them in advance and do not make it a hidden fee on their visit. Airbnb has helpfully created a separate entry to allow for cleaning charges so it’s very clear to guests. Proving your guests with a very clean property is also an excellent way to encourage them to treat the place well and likewise leave it in a good condition.

4. Choose your guests carefully

The Airbnb websites is a community website in which all the hosts and guests can communicate directly with each other. You can read reviews from other hosts about potential guests and they can read reviews from other guests. You can ask each other questions and for further information. This is very helpful in choosing the right kind of guests for your property. You don’t have accept all the guests; you can decline an enquiry from anyone who you feel uncomfortable with or unsure about. We suggest trusting your instincts here!

With the right Airbnb property management, you don’t need to be afraid having strangers come and stay in your home. If you do it right many hosts have commented its been an excellent way to meet and build friendships with people from around the world. For more information about Airbnb property management please contact us at