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Some Things to Remember for Airbnb Management London

Managing and renting a property nowadays costs a lot of money but did you know your space can also be an opportunity to earn money? More and more people in London are renting out their places to guests coming for short stays. Airbnb management London helps lots of people to rent their houses while they are away. The Airbnb platform offers a clever way to connects hosts with available space to guests from around the world looking for a place to stay. It does mean opening up your home to strangers so there are some good practices and rules that can help ensure your Airbnb management London experience goes well.

  1. Make your listing attractive but accurate

First things to start your Airbnb management London is to create an attractive listing. In the listing you should highlight the key features that would be of most interest to potential guests. It should include a good description of the place, the neighbourhood and transport connections. Finally good quality photos are essential, most guests will choose and judge your place based on the photos provided so remember to accurately represent your home.

  1. Setting the right price

You should set your price carefully, to start out you want to ensure you attract guests. Overtime as you get some bookings and build up some good reviews you can increase your nightly rates. Airbnb also provides some useful functions like being able to set different prices for the weekend, offering more appealing prices for longer stays over a week and a month and if you want you can even customize your pricing to different periods in the calendar.

  1. Select the right settings and make your house rules clear

Every place is different and your requirements will vary so take into considerations what’s important to you and be considerate of your meighbours. Make your rules as clear as possible about what should and should not be done in the house & outside such as playing loud music after a certain hour or smoking in the house. Also choose carefully the settings available as they can have a significant impact on the experience such as check in and check out times and the minimum period of stay. Finally provide helpful information to guests such as city guides, what’s available in the area and emergency contact details. This helps provide a more professional service and lead to happy stays by guests.

  1. Keep the house clean

Cleanliness and hygiene are a very important part when you are about to host as part of Airbnb management London. Clean bathroom toweling and bedroom linen are essential for hosts to provide their guests. Similarly its very important to keep the house clean. If you are very busy and don’t have the time to keep the house clean after guests have stayed, then hire a professional cleaning company and add a cleaning fee to the rental rate. This tip works best for guests who stay weekly. Remember to remove any of your personal and most precious belongings to prevent unwanted accidents as well as clutter and items guests don’t want to see.

  1. Good guest communication

Try and respond quickly to guest questions and communicate important information before and during their stay. Ask them what information they need like travel advice and give them useful information like the best tourist destinations around the neighborhood or the best coffee shops around and places to eat. Building a rapport with your guests will help win good guest reviews.

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