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New Years Resolutions – Airbnb Management London

Airbnb management London & New years resolutions?! What, oh yeah those things, about as traditional as Christmas turkey, so whether you went for a Heston Blumenthal hand fed turkey (just kidding!) or just headed down to Aldi with the growing masses, its likely our finances are a looking a bit less ‘Oh ho ho ho’ and more like ‘Oh no no no’..

So what to do – scratch your head (thats for sure), drink more (mmm not advised), talk to someone (good idea!), so what are your friends talking about?

‘I rented my place on Airbnb!’ And..well the guests didnt have all night rave parties, were actually quite nice and I made some good money.

Airbnb has moved on from its conception when it was more about the idea of people opening their homes to have guests come to stay with them. Most of the properties listed now dont have the hosts staying there and provide for guests obvious benefits vs staying in a hotel, namely nicer places with more character, bigger spaces, more facilities like a kitchen and much better value for money.

Its not just Airbnb, there are other sites and they having been growing going from strength to strength as more people try the experience. The good news is the UK government is supportive of the new sharing economy and last year in March scrapped an outdated subletting law limiting the number of days they could be let for short stays.

Whether you go away for regular periods, longer holidays or its fully available, there is an opportunity for an extra source of income. So your news years resolution could be try out Airbnb if you have some space available.

If like most people you may not have the time or interest to get things set up and managed on sites like Airbnb, there is a shortcut to use a growing number of experienced Airbnb management London companies such as to make it happen. as a growing number of people travel and rent their homes using sites like Airbnb, the ecosystem for providing services has developed considerably making it easier to manage.

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