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HelloGuest provides an all-inclusive Airbnb property management service throughout the UK, particularly in tourist destinations like Edinburgh. Our service receives consistent five-star Airbnb ratings for our stays in Edinburgh, which results in higher Airbnb ranking results for our clients.

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Airbnb Managers in Edinburgh

As a trusted Airbnb co-host and manager, we offer Edinburgh property owners the chance to maximise their revenues on sites like Airbnb, Booking.com and Vrbo.

According to our guests and hosts, our Airbnb management service delivers memorable, incredible stays that are smooth and stress-free.

Don’t choose just anyone to manage your Airbnb short-let. Choose us.

  1. Get in contact with us to understand more about what we offer and get a free earnings estimate
  2. Once you sign up, we will collect the property information and create the listing to advertise on booking channels
  3. Begin taking bookings! Once we’ve ironed out all the details and organised your property to rent, we’ll open your calendar for bookings, and that’s it – you’re set up to go.

Four Steps to Co-Hosting on Airbnb with Us


We collect the property details and particulars from you, this includes arranging professional photography if necessary.


We can create a new listing or take over the management of an existing listing. We will create the content, features and settings consulting with you to optimise the listing

Availability & Pricing

Set up availability in the calendar and pricing levels for different periods and according to your pricing requirements.

Go Live

Once the listing, availability, and pricing are set we can distribute and connect the listing to the booking sites to start receiving booking

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The Year-long High Occupancy Rate in Edinburgh

Higher earnings: Many of our partners in the local area have seen their Airbnb profits rise due to allowing us to take care of their short-let business. Experts in listing optimisation and booking management have helped properties earn up to 30% more. How much could you make?

More time: Being an Airbnb host in busy locations can mean an extra 40 hours a week for some – and if you already have a job, taking this on might seem a bit much. Hello Guest takes care of it all – cleaning, communication and maintenance.

Control: Remember, your property is your property. So, if you’re back for a week or have family or friends staying, you’ll be free to use your property whenever you like. Plus, you’ll receive regular reports and updates so you can keep track of your home.

Our customer service team are online 7 days a week to help guests.

Screen guests, manage bookings, payments, and the availability.

Our housekeepers restock essentials and keep your home spick and span in between guests.

Our team will be here to help your guests check in & check out.

Plumbers, handymen, locksmiths, and more! We’ll take care of any issues quickly.

From Airbnb to Booking.com, we know how to write the perfect description and take the right photos to gain maximum exposure.

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Airbnb Management Fees from 12%

How much could you earn in Edinburgh?

  • Earn up to 69% more rental yields
  • Attract business travellers and tourists alike
  • Mix short and mid-term bookings to optimise returns

The average daily rental rate for Edinburgh on sites like Airbnb is £121 with average monthly revenue of £1,700 (off-peak). Peak periods can see this increase up to £2,600 a month.

Max occupancy rate is 84% with a yearly average of 73%.

Shift the Stress, Do Less & Earn More

Edinburgh’s Airbnb Rental Statistics

Over 5,179 active rentals in Edinburgh, 77% of which are Entire Home rentals. The remaining 22% offer a private room.

The most typical rental size of the properties in the area is between 2 bedrooms, which shows a gap in the market for more significant properties to become available (only 167 rentals include four bedrooms).

What amenities are Airbnb Hosts in Edinburgh offering? The competition…

  • 2% offer air conditioning
  • 29% offer a dryer, 81% offer a washing machine
  • 38% offer parking, and 12% offer cable TV

We Operate Across Scotland and all of the UK

HelloGuest is a nationwide Airbnb management service; we operate all around the UK and serve numerous homes in spectacular holiday destinations like Edinburgh. Listings by location – prices from £52 to £172 a night Edinburgh (300+ stays), Stockbridge (270+ stays), Newington (300+ stays).

What we offer Edinburgh homes:

Host Reviews

I have been using HelloGuest for a couple months now and everything has been great! The onboarding process was smooth and efficiently managed; they keep me informed with property bookings and organise all of the cleaning for the property, something I disliked doing when I managed the place myself. I’d highly recommend HelloGuest if you are looking for a full Airbnb management company in Edinburgh. – elen (2-bed flat), Edinburgh Old Town, Edinburgh

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We cover all of Edinburgh:

  • Leith, Inverleith, Stockbridge
  • Blackford, Prestonfield, Ravelston
  • Haymarket, Merchiston, Stenhouse
  • Edinburgh New Town, Edinburgh Old Town
  • Newington, Marchmont, Bruntsfield
  • Lochrin, West End, Coats, Ardmillan & Dalry
  • Roseburn, Murrayfield, Balgreen