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Facts and Figures about Airbnbs in London How many Airbnbs are in London?

Airbnb: what about the London Competition?

One question new clients always ask us is about the competition in their local market. Who and what type of properties am I competing against? What are they offering, and how can I entice more bookings?

Another is the price. How much can I charge? What is the going rate?

  • We know the answers to these questions as we have years of experience co-hosting with clients with short-let properties across the capital.

However, one advantage we have over the competition is data. One website that we subscribe to is http://insideairbnb.com.

This website regularly updates its data on the listings on Airbnb. Their data is constantly updated and present an accurate, unheard-of picture of what is happening in London rent-wise for short-let properties advertised on their platform.

We have taken their most recent data dump and analysed the figures to give you accurate numbers on several criteria you may find interesting.

Data: June 2022

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London Airbnb Facts

The Properties

  • There are currently 66,153 listings for London (06/22)
  • 38,349 are for the entire property
  • 96.7% are short-term rentals
  • There are 20,712 listings described as apartments
  • The largest number of bedrooms in a property is 22


  • The average charge for a room in London is £159.00 per night (£133.00)
  • If you rented every room in London for a night on Airbnb, it would cost you £10,544,507
  • The highest price for a room or property is £5,485.00 per night, and the lowest is £36



  • 9.25% of listings use the word modern
  • 2.9% describe their room of property as ‘bright’
  • 2.1% use the word ‘cosy’ (small!)
  • 7215 descriptions have spelling errors (10.5%)
  • 1% of listings mention ‘Waitrose’

London Areas

  • Lambeth was the fastest growing area for London’s Airbnb guests, followed by Croydon, Millbank, Camberwell, and Hounslow
  • Soho has 15 listings per 100 properties in the area
  • 448 properties listings are in Acton and 501 in Wimbledon
  • 161 in Balham, 731 in Barnet and 831 in Marylebone

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