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As a property management company, Hello Guest can help you scale your short-let business quickly.

We’ve got the expertise, talent and first-hand experience with Airbnb to help your property reach the top of search algorithms, which in turn results in more bookings, more guests and more money to go straight in your pocket!

So, if you want to earn a second income without having to lift a finger partner with us. Get in touch.

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Top-rated end-to-end services in Coventry

Do you want to be an Airbnb host but don’t have the time? We get it! We’ve helped hundreds of hosts in Coventry, who want to make the most out of their second homes, but cannot dedicate the 40+ hours a week to make it a success.

As a local partner, we can help guide your property through each step of the hosting process – from welcoming your guests to ensuring your home stays in perfect condition.

Share your space and reap the rewards of extra income, effortlessly.

Coventry hosting, simplified

  1. Share your home and set the rules; whether it’s a primary residence or a second home, we will make it guest-ready!
  2. Control your calendar; enjoy your property whenever you or your family, please.
  3. Monitor earnings; access our dashboard to oversee your bookings, ratings and earnings.
  4. We’ll make sure your home is ready before any guests arrive.
  5. We’ll restock and replenish toiletries and take care of all the soft linens, toiletry items and even tea and coffee.
  6. Our cleaners will clean your home in between guests.
  7. We can spruce up the place, maintain it and set up professional photos.
  8. Plus, we’re pricing experts and will constantly optimise the listing price.

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Coventry’s Airbnb rental statistics:

Over 4,457 active rentals in Coventry, 68% of which are Entire Home rentals. Another 32% offer a private room.

The most common rental size of the properties in the area is 1 bedroom (32%), which shows a gap for larger properties to become available (only 15% of rentals include three bedrooms).

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What amenities are Airbnb Hosts in Coventry offering?

  • 3% offer air conditioning
  • 28% offer a dryer, 63% offer a washing machine
  • 66% offer parking and 7% offer cable TV
  • 3% have a hot tub and 1% a pool
  • 92% offer Wifi

How popular is Coventry on Airbnb? Overall 4.64 rating

  • 36% of properties in CV1 are fully booked for 1-90 days
  • 1,208 properties are fully booked between 91-180 days
  • 32% of bookings are for two nights
  • 49% one-night bookings

We cover all of the West Midlands

Hello Guest is a nationwide Airbnb management service; we work all around the UK and manage various Airbnb properties in popular holiday destinations such as Coventry.

The average daily rate for renting out properties in Coventry is £106 and the average monthly revenue on average is £1,281. Peak periods can see this increase up to £1,824.

The current occupancy rate is 65%.

Listings by location:

We offer short stay holiday lettings management services to property owners in Bath on all major bookings platforms, eg Airbnb, HomeAway, HolidayLettings,

Full management options start from standard to premium management packages depending on your needs.




We are experts in yield management employing tools to optimise pricing and returns.

No minimum term contract commitment or notice period required.

Meet your future local partner

  • Expert short and holiday lettings Airbnb management service in Coventry
  • Better results at lower fees than traditional holiday lettings & property management agencies
  • Super fast response rates lead to more bookings due to our customer service team monitoring & responding to guest enquiries around the clock
  • Multi-channel approach on all major sites to get the maximum exposure & best returns for your rental property
  • Pricing optimisation tools to get the best returns
  • We have already hosted thousands of guests in hundreds of properties in the UK achieving on average above 95% of 4/5 star reviews – you can verify actual reviews on our profiles

We can advertise your property on more than 40+ booking channels giving you maximum exposure

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