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Attaining your business and financial goals in the short-term rental market can be easy – if you have the right management team by your side.

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Scaling Up Through The Short-Let Market

We’ve seen countless times how self-appointed property managers put their businesses at risk by not planning correctly or executing the wrong growth strategy for their property. You know something is wrong if no bookings are coming in (especially at popular times of the year).

For the last 10 years working across the industry, we’ve taken over many properties using common approaches to scaling a short-term, unsustainable business. We scale short-let businesses by setting the stage to enable, support and sustain your Airbnb business’s long-term growth without incurring additional costs.

We could detail and explain how to scale your holiday home business. But we’d rather show you:

Sultana Rabiya
Sultana Rabiya
30. March, 2023.
Great company with great people. Always responds on time.
5. March, 2023.
Highly reputable company, trustworthy and professional. Excellent management team, would definitely recommend to friends and family.
Christine James
Christine James
27. February, 2023.
Great service!! Really helpful with any queries we have, nothing too much trouble. Highly recommend!
Jack Beattie
Jack Beattie
22. February, 2023.
Thank you to everyone at Helloguest, appreciate all the help getting my property listed and booked out for the periods when I'm away. Veronica and Emily helped me get things set up and gave good advice on how to best furnish the flat including getting a sofa bed for extra guests. Customer service have always responded quickly and blocked dates for my stays. Would recommend to anyone looking for an Airbnb or short term rental management service.
Mariann Komar
Mariann Komar
24. January, 2023.
As a property owner it took a lot of time and work to manage bookings. Now that I found Helloguest I don't have to worry about anything while I'm abroad. They organize cleaning, take care of the guests and solve the maintenance issues. They also manage and advertise my place on many platforms. I can honestly recommend them because I'm very happy with their service. I know my place is in good hands.
Peter Hudson
Peter Hudson
24. January, 2023.
Helloguest have been managing my property for a number of years and I have found them to be honest, efficient and helpful. I would recommend them.
B Sykes
B Sykes
14. December, 2022.
I switched to HelloGuest after using another agency, which almost put me off Airbnb for good. Toby and Veronica however, have been incredible in turning things around. Property was managed well, cleaning all taken care of and looks like guests couldn't be happier. Would 100% recommend their services to anyone in need of Airbnb management in London or beyond.
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Where Property Managers Go Wrong

  • Trying to expand into many different markets at the same time
  • Not understanding the difference between urban locations to leisure destinations
  • Unaware of market trends and how to target different types of guests
  • Unaware of how local dynamics affect the acquisition of holiday-goers
  • Underestimating the level of human resources needed to absorb the additional workload

One aspect different business models have in common is their success and capacity to plan ahead and execute a growth strategy that is adapted to their operational functionality, capabilities and financial situation.

Carving out the path to profitability is possible with technology, automation and quality management – that’s how here at HelloGuest, we keep our commission fees low.

Are You Advertising On Every Platform? Being seen more gives you a better chance of being booked more.

Scaling Different Types Of Vacation Rentals

  • If you’re going it alone, you’ll have to build a reliable team from the ground up. Most hosts may think it’s unreasonable to have an entire team for one listing – but it’s not a matter of the number of properties you have. You’ll never be able to scale your Airbnb business without delegating the tasks that dictate your time.
  • You’ll need a cleaning crew, electrician, plumber, handypersons, virtual assistants and a property manager. Aside from this, you’ll potentially need a lawyer, financial advisor and an accountant to help with the legal and bookkeeping of the business.
  • You’ll need to move away from the previous flexible approaches and into more standardised, repeatable processes to scale.
  • Necessary resources, operations and processes must be in place to keep your Airbnb business in a confident position.
  • Owners must understand that the process is gradual and might not happen within weeks and, therefore, must be committed daily to these operations of success.

If you’re ready to take on more bookings and treat your Airbnb business like a pro without lifting a finger yourself, we can help. When you work with HelloGuest, you can access a creative team of problem solvers committed to making your business work in this vast marketplace.

Rental Manager’s Guide

As a successful vacation rental manager, we never arbitrarily add new holiday homes to our portfolio. We use data and facts to scale businesses strategically and in a sustainable long-term way. Here’s a breakdown of what we do to win…

  1. We craft and edit listings with the perfect copy, headers and images to entice guests and increase rankings within the Airbnb algorithm.
  2. We ensure your holiday let is visible across 40+ booking channels as an effective way to advertise your property to the masses from platform to platform.
  3. We respond to guest enquiries immediately and share the right details that encourage them to proceed with a booking. Our team vets guests before accepting their booking.
  4. The cleaning crews are mobilised to make holiday homes guest-ready and will be scheduled to clean after every guest check-in.
  5. Upon arrival, guests will receive welcome packs, directions and everything they need to have a wonderful stay. Depending on your property, they’ll have an automated key check-in system, or we’ll exchange them in person.
  6. We’ll be on standby to help with guests’ queries to make their stay seamless.
  7. Once the guests check out, we’ll encourage them to leave the holiday house a glowing review. We’ll then manage these reviews to market your property better.

Don't Focus Always On Volume But Profit

We’ve seen far too often how Airbnb hosts become so focused on scaling their short-let business “their way”, leaving several opportunities and avenues unexplored and untouched. But that’s not what your competitor is doing. Airbnb management doesn’t need to feel like guesswork.

Whether you’re located nearby or living remotely, there’s no reason why using a full-service property management company like ours can’t help you expand into the short-let space in a more effective way that makes sense for the holiday house you’re trying to market.

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