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Want to Earn More with Airbnb Without the Hassle?

Just like a hotel, your Airbnb business relies on bookings to survive. And as you might have figured out already, being a host on Airbnb can be challenging.

You have to respond to guests, check them in and out, optimise your listing, professionally clean your home and maintain it as well as lots of admin in between.

Those who do this all well can turn Airbnb into a career. However, it can be challenging to get the ball rolling if you already have a job and a family.

So what can do you do? Do you want more bookings, extra money and no hassle? Here’s how.

complete property management

Make sure your home is up to scratch

Your space needs to be reset – less of a home, but more like a vacation rental; set up and ready for guests.

Your property will need to be cleaned to a professional standard between guests, which can be pretty time-consuming for you.

Before big seasons, expert, high-earning Airbnbers will evaluate what furniture needs repairing, what supplies and linens need to be purchased, and the cleanliness of the interiors and exteriors.

Some hosts choose to hire professional cleaners, but this adds a fee that will come out of your profit (not to mention others like property maintenance, licenses etc.).

Therefore, it’s likely better to choose an Airbnb management agency, who takes care of all the details for you. Especially with Airbnb’s newly launched Enhanced Clean feature that was introduced following Covid-19.

Here at Hello Guest, we work with local cleaners and maintenance men and replenish the essentials between guests. We include all this in one fee of 12%.

Saving you money, admin and a headache!

Be visible, be found, be chosen

You may think that you might have the best listing ever – and your home could be second to none, but if you’re not discoverable, how can anyone book?

With millions of listings worldwide, it’s sadly not as simple as plopping your listing on there and hoping someone will book.

Airbnb’s algorithm aims to show users listings they are most likely going to book – that is, after all, how they make their money. Further to this, Airbnb often favours hosts who take good care of their guests.

The secret to increasing your Airbnb occupancy? Get yourself on the first page. 

But how? Well, you can learn the secrets behind Airbnb listing optimisation and take the time to test it out for yourself – or you can cut to the chase and hire professionals to do it for you.

As an Airbnb management service, HelloGuest can not only manage your listing, optimise it and handle your bookings, but completely manage your Airbnb property for you.


Communicate faster

If you’re aspiring to be a Superhost, it will be vital for you to respond to guests quickly.

For example, acknowledging someone’s bookings immediately will be crucial for the customer’s peace of mind.

One of the requirements for becoming a Superhost is responding to 90% of new inquiries or reservations 24 hours. And whilst automated templates and emails can be helpful, we cannot help but feel this misses the personal touch.

Not only this, but consistent communication is critical – and this applies even once a holiday goer has booked.

By constantly communicating with guests, you encourage the likelihood of more positive reviews.

The more reviews you get, the more potential guests learn about your space and feel more encouraged to stay.

Our management service here at Hello Guest is guest communication, and we take it very seriously.

We’ll be there to respond to your guests and any potential guests immediately – we’ll get your responses up faster and help increase the number of bookings your properties gains.

Together, we can be unstoppable. Contact us here.