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Hosting on Airbnb with a full time job – How easy/stressful is that?

Self Airbnb Management
Self Airbnb Management

It doesn’t make any difference whether you are new or a veteran to Airbnb.

Anyone who is in a full-time job- knows and understands very well the pressures that come with juggling that and your part-time income or any side business.

And Airbnb is no different. In fact, it requires more Time, Energy and Loving attention to detail as you are letting strangers into your home- your personal space, or even if you do not live there- it yet is your space which took time and investment. So you need to ensure that everything is above board.

Busting your self for spare change or slowly and steadily developing an alternate passive income is an area where most people start off but cannot hold on for lack of consistency which requires effort and time.

Specially if you are looking to host frequently- then here are a few key questions that arise-

Can I ask my guests to check in only after 6 pm? (when I am done with my office for the day?)

Whilst this may or may not work – it’s important to bear in mind most guests are travellers on vacation or business individuals who would like to arrive early into the city. So checking in post 6 pm will for sure not go down well with most. It would seriously limit your bookings.

When do you think you will find the time to clean up after a guest leaves and before a new one comes in?

Yes, you might hire someone on a regular basis to clean the house- domestic help for instance; but being on Airbnb requires more effort and more professionalism. Housekeeping staff are trained in hotel management areas etc and know exactly what to look out for, the do’s and don’ts that may affect guests checking in. Expectations with cleaning the house vary but it has to have 5 star standards. A home away from home for most travellers. Plus you would need references for the cleaners that you may hire which is again time-consuming. And you certainly don’t wish to use up your holidays etc to do all the major cleaning up.

Also another important factor is – How would you screen your guests? How would you answer the calls during your office hours? How would you meet and greet your guests? How would you assess your guest?

It’s all about response time and building a relationship with your guests isn’t it?

This takes a certain amount of experience and professionalism in not only checking the credibility of your guest but also making sure the required amenities are in place when the guests check in.

Plus you want great reviews for your Home- else you may not see regular bookings- considering the competition out there. Meeting and greeting is key to ensuring your guests have a great stay and you garner great 5 star reviews.

Most property owners in a full-time job live busy and highly engaged lives. Work, family, grocery shopping, school runs, one’s own health and well-being and the list goes on and on..

Even though we might say Technology assists us; but when it comes down to it- experiences are built on trust and relating. We yet live full-on stressed lives in-spite of technology available at our disposal.

And if you are going to do all of the above single-handedly you are most certainly setting yourself up to a great deal of stress.

So what do you do? How do you tackle all the questions above?

There are some very reputed professional management services out there who know how to address these. Placing trust in them is certainly the way to go as most property owners who are doing very well is proof of this.

We at Hello Guest have built a steady reputation when it comes to property management.

Our key services are Guest bookings/screenings, Meet and Greet, Key exchange, Property Inventory, Cleaning services and House Guide etc.

Veronica Tribolati (Co-founder @HelloGuest) says- “We have built a team around these areas and each and every member of our team is dedicated, passionate and bring their entrepreneurial flair to this fast growing domain”.

So what’s stopping you? Get in touch with us to have a face to face meet with one of our Directors at 07903 051473 you can enjoy a hassle free Airbnb hosting business.