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Hello! The guest is calling this summer…

Let Out Your Home

Hello! The guest is calling this summer..

In the light of the recently introduced ‘tax break’ by the UK Government/UK Chancellor George Osborne on March 16th 201, micro-entrepreneurism in the Airbnb domain is now in full swing. This allowance in essence means Airbnb hosts in the UK will now be able to earn 1000£ tax free which means more income for the cash strapped citizens who own homes that have the potential to be let out.

This is a major step up from the earlier ruling in March 2015 that allowed Londoners looking to rent their homes to freely do so for upto 90 nights a year without council permission.

Also the government has come up to speed by allowing for ‘no forms’ to fill policy and no tax to pay in sync with the digital age. The property owner is now fast becoming a business owner and like any business it needs to be taken care of- before it is being advertised as a potential holiday pad for any visitor.

This then is the ‘sign of the times’ we are now living in. The much talked about ‘sharing economy’, which analysts estimate to be currently worth £9bn globally and rising. It is all about a digital connection.

SO then how do we at Hello Guest perceive this connection — What does it mean?

As people travel more frequently, there is far more connectivity thanks to the varied Digital platforms that keep innovating and showing us on how we can do it all better.

But for us its not just about being better. It’s more than that.

For us at Hello Guest it’s about true connections and relationships. The way we see it The Digital Connection has only become popular because of the power of collaborative economy. This economy that is fast gaining a strong foothold has in turn greatly increased the desire in people to travel far and wide and connect beyond the digital but ironically via their digital connections.

These travels are also all about how you stay, where you stay and why you stay. Which means the vibe that a traveller or a guest will feel when he/she see a home that is being advertised online for a short break is what will clinch the decision.

That means you as a property owner is not an impersonal owner anymore. Your home now is subject to scrutiny from the world outside. At the same time by going out on their own, most property owners suffer from the ‘wrong kind of guest’ who invades your space and by the time he has left, the space has been turned upside down.

You certainly don’t want that! But no need to get fazed as most property owners flounder in the AirBnB space on how to go about it.

Specially if you have put in love and care and yes money into making your home for what it is, all the more reason that you engage professional services to be able to discern the kind of guest who will appreciate that.

We are the bridge that connects…with our experience in knowing people.

We firmly believe in a proper meet and greet with the property owner and understand what exactly are you looking for, the kind of income, the kind of guest etc.

We at Hello Guest know what it takes to collaborate and yet build solid trust and connections with our property owners and our guests. The Summer of 2016 already seems to be heating up with a plethora of new and old players in the domain all vying for a piece of the action. The key factor that ultimately decides on who gets the most is not a game of chance but rather a setting of professional service with a willingness to extend beyond just the standard services outlined by this domain.

It’s about going deeper and exploring, figuring the right match- its about playing cupid for the intrepid traveller and the property owner.

This is exactly what sets us apart at HelloGuest- It is not just the promise of a well-deserved short stay/intimate break that we advertise but the promise of a home away from home, where your needs are taken care of to the minutest details and all you have to do is turn the key to your London break.

A city that is one of the most exciting and only gets cooler as the temperatures soar up. So if you are planning a visit this Summer to beautiful and sexy London or if you are a property owner turned entrepreneur in this rental space- Hello Guest is calling!

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