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The Different Types of Airbnb

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Short-let expert, Toby has managed thousands of holiday lets in London and across the UK and has boosted their profitability on booking platforms like Airbnb and Booking.com. Co-founder of HelloGuest, Toby has more than a decade's worth of experience in the industry.

The Four Types of Airbnb Rentals

As holiday-letting experts across various platforms, HelloGuest advises on how short-letting works, how to earn money from online accommodation sites, how to keep your home safe, and the different property types that can be registered as an Airbnb listing.

As you might know, Airbnb implements greater flexibility with its accommodation options, which means a wider range of listings are accepted.

Standard housing options:

  • Bungalows
  • Townhouses
  • Guest suites
  • Chalets
  • Villas
  • Cabins
  • Flats and apartments
  • Cottages
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Resorts

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“Out of the box” options

  • Treehouses
  • Safari tents
  • Crypts
  • Tiny homes
  • Yurts
  • Caravans
  • Shepherd’s Huts
  • Log cabins
  • Buses

Once you’ve decided or selected the property type you wish to register, it’s time to decide the specific space you’re interested in renting out.

Your options:

  • Entire property
  • Private room
  • Shared room
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Entire property

Renting an entire place allows guests to use all parts of the property, whether the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen etc. This type of space is often preferred by guests, who, according to statistics, choose Airbnb because it allows them to live like locals. More than this, they cherish the privacy it offers.


  • For a host, it’s extremely profitable.
  • Hosts in one night can earn five times what a private room could earn in a week.
  • Guests feel more comfortable during their stay since the space is all theirs.
  • Guests have a higher likelihood of leaving positive reviews.


  • With no host in the property to supervise guests’ activities, there’s a higher risk of damage.
  • Renting an entire property often demands higher start-up capital due to higher mortgage rates or leasing costs.
  • A portion of your income will go into the maintenance and upkeep of the property.
  • It’s more extensive to clean and will involve more heavy-duty work than other spaces.

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Private rooms

In the world of Airbnb, a private room is a space in your home rented out to guests (whilst you’re there). Many hosts have a private room with its own kitchen or bathroom, but if guests share these amenities, you must indicate the number of people sharing the facilities.


  • More affordable than renting out an entire apartment or house.
  • Cheaper prices attract guests in larger numbers more rapidly than higher-ticket properties.
  • Less cleaning is required for private rooms.
  • Hosting guests in your own home allows hosts to interact and mix with people from different backgrounds without travelling.


  • Cleaning might be reduced, but renting out several private rooms at a time may entail the same level of cleaning that an entire property demands.
  • Not every Airbnb guest is comfortable with socialising with other guests or hosts – things might get awkward if they find it hard to establish a friendly connection.
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Shared rooms

Shared rooms are the cheapest house type option on Airbnb. Its target market is mostly young travellers and backpackers on a tight budget. In this instance, shared rooms are usually defined as living spaces with two or more beds that two or more guests will be expected to share during their stay.


  • Often the best option for hosts with limited financial resources as it does not require much start-up costs to furnish the space.
  • The budget-friendly, attractive prices will also give you a slight advantage in increasing your potential guest list.
  • Socialable guests who like meeting and connecting with new people are likelier to have a better experience.


  • Shared spaces tend to have fewer amenities, which can turn off guests.
  • Certain guests who are not as extroverted could dampen the enthusiasm of guests who are.
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Fully managed holiday let by HelloGuest

Airbnb Plus

Reserved for the finest quality homes, selected based on their exceptional architectural designs and customer care services (plus consistently high reviews). Airbnb Plus is a badge that needs to be earned – and to win it; your property must be awarded and verified by Airbnb for its unique quality, maintenance and hospitality with an in-person inspection.

Typically Airbnb Plus properties in this category are furnished with everything – even the items guests wouldn’t think of or would usually have in their homes. For example, the kitchen would have a microwave, fridge, dishwasher, oven, cooking utensils etc.

Properties also usually come with exclusive outdoor facilities like swimming pools, gyms, spas, etc.

Airbnb Luxe

If you think Airbnb Plus sounds luxurious, then wait till you learn about Airbnb Luxe. Today, Airbnb Luxe has over 2,000 homes worldwide, handpicked by experts. Whilst Airbnb Plus focuses on providing guests with a superior accommodation experience, Airbnb Luxe caters for the world’s most exceptional homes and locations.

And wait till you hear this! Each experience comes with a trip designer, who is like a host, but will attend to your wishes 24/7 during your stay. They’ll be your one-stop destination to organise everything from restaurant reservations and excursions to airport transfers.

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Consider Airbnb management

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