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Co-Hosting with Property Management Services


Airbnb has grown from leaps to bounds over the past decade and even more so in the recent past.

Given the free economy that the world is leaning more and more towards- How we live, How we travel and how we do business is fast becoming evolutionary and in all this where does the property owner stand?

How can property owners rent their abodes and yet be hassle free from all the encumbrances and responsibilities that a host is required to do?

Airbnb has a listing of some very adept Host Management service companies that is assisting them further in expanding their inventory. Given their current valuation of 30 Billion$ their primary focus for growth now is to go beyond the present revenue ceiling from existing inventory and thus attract more property owners to open up their inventory to Airbnb.

The hassle of hosting has been a barrier for many people but now with more and more property management services out there, it seems to be a positive trend in acknowledging the role these managed services bring to the Airbnb domain.

It’s probably relatively easier to furnish the property you wish to put up on Airbnb, create an irresistible listing, upload awesome images but the crucial part is to then enable that property to create a steady passive income. This is the challenging part for most property owners and hosts on Airbnb.

This is where professional and reputed property management services come in.

A credible property/host management outfit can not only look after those bookings that start to pour in but also ensure all the requisite tasks are well taken care of.

From property cleaning services, restocking of household amenities, supervising repairs and redecorations, meeting and greeting guests, key exchange services etc the tasks of taking care of a property are full blown and is a full time scenario.

Ask yourself do you as a property owner wish to get stuck with these aspects that can be very often overwhelming or would you rather focus on attracting multiple 5-star reviews for your property?

In fact outsourcing your property with a credible property management company can actually enable you to run the show from any part of the world. So whether you are in a job that requires you to leave home and hearth often (London) and travel, or if you are worried about an imminent job posting in another city/country, planning a move to another country or if you just wish to pack your bags and take a year off travelling and soaking in cultures then the right property management company can do wonders for you.

We at Hello Guest have many such property owners who literally and virtually operate their second income by collaborating with us and placing their trust in us.

What has worked very well for us in the recent past is the care we take in building relationships with our clients.

Veronica Tribolati the dynamic co-founder at is not only a great communicator but also the face of Hello Guest and she says “We started Hello Guest with a vision to streamline and professionally manage services that any property owner would require to make his/her property a 5 star stay for the guest”.

Hello Guest has recently been gaining in strength with their careful emphasis on training their team in all aspects of Hospitality and Guest management.

Toby France who is also the Co-Founder at Hello Guest says “Our key focus has been to consistently keep delivering quality services with the utmost professionalism”.

It is this passion that both along with their highly motivated team bring to this very important cog in the wheel of property management services.

Their pricing and payment options are also highly competitive and Co-hosting your property with them comes with many advantages. Plus they know the city-our beloved city of London and can thus value add by giving some cool recommendations to the guests in terms of navigating around the city which can be very daunting considering the pace and size of this no.1 most visited city in the world

Hello Guest is a game changer in the domain that it belongs to and thus any property owner who wishes to let out their property with them will only have much to gain considering the great reviews and testimonials they have garnered over time and experience.

So if you wish to go from Host to Superhost – contact us to find out more.