Interior design tips for your short term let.


The interior design that you select for your property should provide the guests with a comfortable, attractive and durable place to enjoy their getaway break whilst also providing you with an advert for your holiday let.

It is important when planning the décor of your property that you don’t forget its end use, and don’t just see it as an extension of your own home, where you can store your unwanted or excess furniture and knickknacks.

Your property let is your business and so therefore your décor needs to be seen as an investment that you won’t have to replace on a regular basis, but something you can get several years of enjoyment out of for your guests. Purchasing cheap furniture and accessories, can at the time be a money saving exercise, but in the long run can cost more money in replacements. However spend too much money and you may not see a full return on your investments.

Colour schemes: 

A colour scheme is one of the most important aspects of your décor, as this is the base in which you will plan upon. To obtain the highest possible number of bookings it will be important for your décor to suit and be the taste of the largest audience possible. Therefor picking a colour scheme that is neutral and inoffensive will help your property look fresh and airy, whilst looking homely and modern.

Please don’t feel that neutral equals boring as splashes of colour can be added using pieces of art, soft furnishings, or signature walls. It can help, to keep the colour theme running throughout the house to give harmony, and give the property an identity.

Soft furnishings:

These can be used throughout the house to help add colour for example a coloured rug, cushions adorning a sofa or a throw, bedding or window coverings to keep the sun out. They can be easily changed to keep with current trend instead of changing the whole décor of the property.

Take care when selecting your soft furnishings and flooring and think of the longevity, light, pale carpets in a well-trod area of the house, can be hard to maintain and keep clean, as can pale bedding which can become easily stained.


Often furniture can make a room look completely different just by changing the orientation. Always have a focal point that you work around, and don’t be afraid to minimise to give guests the room to move luggage around, and enjoy their time in the property. Changing the furniture around can also help keep the décor fresh for returning guests and again can give you a new look without redecorating.

When planning your furniture always ensure that there will be enough for the number of people that can sleep at the property. For example enough chairs at the dining room table, or places to sit and relax in the lounge. Make your furniture more versatile by having a sofa bed, a bed that can be pulled out or single beds that can be joined together. This will allow many more people to visit your property.

Before purchasing be careful not to select all of your furniture from one place as this can sometimes make the décor look too uniform, and like a showroom instead of a homely place you can relax in, do not be afraid to mix and match some furniture to help give your property personality.


This is very important when setting the mood of a room, and your whole letting. When holidaying people like to take the evenings to relax after a busy day exploring, so it will be important to provide mood lighting in the lounge and bedrooms. This can be achieved by supplying lamps as well as a main ceiling light for more direct light in case your guests enjoy reading. It will also be important for the bathroom and kitchen to have task lighting so people are able to prepare their food safely, or pamper themselves to their hearts content.

Having a light to welcome your guests on the outside of your property can go along way especially in the winter months, or when they are returning late from a day out. It can also help with safety and security, especially if you live away from the property, and the guests have to gain access themselves for the first time.

Local Touches:

When your guests selected your property, it was because of the area in which it is in. Whether they are visiting a particular place, family or just wanting to investigate the local area, it is the area that they selected so it is important to bring this into the house where necessary. This could be done through bringing in art/paintings produced by local people, pictures of the local area, also information and what’s on is always helpful. A lovely personal touch is leaving a selection of local produce to welcome your guests when they arrive after a long journey. For example fresh bread and milk from a local farmers shop, or the local delicacy, just to get them started on their stay.

The quick but most powerful wins:

As the owner of your short term let, the biggest ways to make impact with your décor, and not always for the biggest outlay would be . . .

Adding colour to the property, this will help to add character, and make it welcoming to your guests. Colour can be added in simple ways as discussed above, with soft furnishings, art or signature walls.

Make sure that you have a theme or style that you are working towards. This can help you stay focussed when decorating or selecting items to be part of the property, and not let you get carried away and end up with a miss match of styles.

Think longevity, your short term let will normally have a lot more focused traffic with many people passing through. It is not always the best idea to select the cheapest of items, but go for quality products that will stand up to the wear and tear. This will make the investment worthwhile, whilst you are able to sit back and relax, as your guests come and go.