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Become a SUPERHOST and avoid Host Fatigue

Airbnb Host Fatigue
Airbnb Host Fatigue


Become a SUPERHOST and avoid Host Fatigue

In recent times property owners on Airbnb have become successful micro-entrepreneurs who now live a lifestyle filled with diverse experiences. These successful group of people will  attest to the fact that one of the key traits required is to be a genuine and warm host. Great hosting takes a lot of work, time and dedication on the part of the property owner and this is certainly not easy to be consistent with; considering our busy lifestyles where we are constantly juggling various aspects of our personal and professional commitments.

And so the downside? Off Lately one is seeing property owners experiencing ‘host fatigue’, that feeling of ‘burnt out’ which then leads to a domino effect on the guest stay and guest experience scenarios.

We as human beings are hardwired to start off any new venture with great enthusiasm- and on Airbnb there are property owners who totally dedicate themselves to their guests so much so that everything else in their lives then takes sort of a ‘back seat’ which is anything but healthy in any shape or form because at some point it all seems like a huge chore.

What exactly is Host Fatigue?

Most property owners give it their all when it comes to pleasing the guest which is great but sometimes this creates an imbalance and some common examples are:-

  • waking up at odd hours in the morning to check the Airbnb mobile app
  • running to get repair jobs done on time before the next guest comes in
  • feeling inadequate with the quality of images of one’s property put up on the Airbnb profile
  • pulling your hair just because the right ‘check in manual’ wasn’t given to the guest
  • feeling unsure about the amenities offered in the flat
  • dreaming about clean linens and laundry instead of a peaceful night’s sleep etc.

And yes the initial lure of back- to-back bookings have eventually fazed many a Host as that leads to minor slip-ups which then lead to Host Fatigue as one then starts to get ‘negative reviews’.

Life is not about juggling but actually about striking a ‘balance’ with it all.

How to avoid Host Fatigue

What helps us is facing up reality and having realistic expectations from our own selves. This then means that when it comes to Hosting we must understand that we can only do so much and to truly be consistent with it we must allow ourselves to collaborate with a professional team/host management agency who know their job and have the experience to back it up with.

One such is ‘Hello Guest’ who offer their professional services to the Property owners thus ensuring that you- the property owner need not stress, worry, juggle, and thus give in to host fatigue anymore.

Hello Guest’s Mantra is simple- Streamlining approach- maximise performance and minimise cost.

With our very dedicated team of professionals we ensure that each and every area of Property management and Guest management is well covered. With Veronica and Toby at the helm of it all- the team is constantly motivated to deliver the highest standards worthy of any luxury hotel yet keeping in tune with realistic expectations of the Host as well as the Guest. Hello Guest has had consistent performance parameters along with establishing healthy trusting relationships with the property owners.

So let us wear that Hat- allow us to partner with you- let us focus on guest screenings, bookings and the logistics of it all; whilst you focus on your relationship with life. Reach us at

Free up your free time- go meditate on the beach, play golf and stay Fatigue-free!