6 Welcome Gift Ideas for Guests


Everyone running short-term lets wants guests to feel special to encourage repeat visits. Gifts are a way to do that, but of course you don’t want to go over the top and spend all your profit. They are also a great way to improve guest review scores, which are critical to driving your property’s listing higher in the search results on websites such as Airbnb.

If you are considering offering your guests a welcome gift we have put together five ideas for gifts that will contribute to a “feel good” factor without breaking the bank.

1. Personal hamper

It should go without saying that good Airbnb property management includes leaving a basic provisions pack. People don’t want to arrive at the end of a long and potentially troublesome journey to find that they have to go out and shop.

But have you thought of leaving a hamper of special goodies, locally sourced if possible, as well? It only has to be three or four items – cheese, pickle, marmalade, that sort of thing. If the costs look a bit daunting, try doing a deal with a local delicatessen to give you a decent discount as long as you leave a discreet leaflet or business card in the hamper to encourage your guests to shop there.

2. A bottle of something different

Leaving a bottle in the property is a good idea but champagne or another sparkling wine, while probably very welcome, is a rather uninspiring choice. Recently friends were pleasantly surprised by a bottle of sherry left in a room as a gift. It wasn’t their usual tipple but they enjoyed it and mentioned it to everyone, which is partly the point.

As with most of these ideas, try to select something that’s meaningful, probably something very English. You could fit it to the seasons, choosing Pimms for summer, mulled wine for winter and so on?

3. Mini teddy bear

Small teddy bears with backpacks and other themed outfits were doing the rounds a few years ago but a lot of people still collect them. Small teddy bears with backpacks and other themed outfits were doing the rounds a few years ago but a lot of people still collect them. You should be able to find them in tourist gift shops in the centre of London; pick one with a picture or legend of an attraction near you.

Or perhaps there’s another small soft toy that is evocative of your area? It would be a cute reminder of a stay that will travel far and wide.

4. Chocolates – make them special

Chocolates are always a good bet although try being more adventurous than Milk Tray. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a local chocolatier who can make up small boxes for you, look at websites that personalise goods and buy bars or boxes of chocolate with the name and logo of your special hideaway.

5. Vouchers for local restaurants and pubs

This is another one that involves striking up good relationships with local businesses. Do the rounds looking for a restaurant or pub (or more than one if possible), which will give a discount or special offer to your renters. Two points about this – firstly make an effort to make the vouchers a bit special. Use decent stiff paper or thin card and get someone who knows what they are doing to design them.

Secondly put unique numbers on the vouchers and ask the restaurateur or landlord to keep them for you to pick up. This makes it harder for them to be copied (yes, some guests will do this!) and allows you to demonstrate to the owner that the deal is working.

6. Branded gifts

Another one that could be tricky to get right, branded gifts with your contact details could work well as long as you avoid the ubiquitous pens and USB sticks. On the other hand you don’t want to spend so much money that it outweighs the benefit.

Look for something that visitors would find useful such as an underground map, water bottles or a cool bag. They can work out at a few pounds each if you order enough. How about boomerangs or frisbees if there’s a large garden and you often accommodate families? It’s amazing what you can get these days!

Make it obvious

Finally, one point worth making is that if you’re leaving gifts that look a bit personal – the mini teddy bear for example – make sure you leave a note, or put something in your instruction pack, to let people know that it is a gift and that it’s OK to take it.

Make your short-let a safe place to stay


When providing your property as a short-term let the safety of your guests should be at the top of your priority list.

There are lots of regulations that you must, by law, comply with and it is therefore important that you spend time ensuring that you fulfill your responsibilities as a landlord. As well as reassuring and safeguarding your guests this will reduce the risk of incidents and claims against you.

Here are some initial questions to consider:

  • Are your gas and electrical certificates up-to-date?
  • Do you comply with the latest fire and health and safety regulations?
  • Do you have an adequate first aid kit?
  • Do you have appropriate insurance in place?

Fire Safety

You will need to ensure that you comply with the latest fire regulations, but here are some important points to consider:

  • Carry out a fire risk assessment.
  • Fit smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and ensure that they are tested regularly.
  • If your property has the option for your guests to have an open fire provide fireguards.
  • Ensure that any chimneys and/or flues are checked and cleaned regularly.
  • Provide fire extinguishers and blankets.
  • Avoid candles.
  • Ensure that there is an adequate means of escape in the event of a fire (and that guests have all of the necessary keys to open windows and doors). Also ensure that fire exits are clearly marked.

You should also consider providing your guests with a set of safety instructions that covers things like how to light and extinguish an open fire.

Child Safety

Parents will want to be reassured that their children are staying in a safe environment. There are a number of simple things that you can implement to help put their minds at rest:

  • Avoid window blinds with hanging, looped cords.
  • Fit stair gates and bed guards.
  • Install covers over electrical sockets.
  • Fit childproof locks on cupboards.
  • Fence off any areas of water, such as ponds.
  • Avoid providing equipment that has a high risk of resulting in injury, such as trampolines and swings.


There are many things that you can do to make your guests feel safe and secure whilst staying in your property, such as:

  • Installing a burglar alarm.
  • Installing security lights.
  • Ensuring that the exterior doors are sturdy and have comprehensive locking systems.
  • Providing a lockable safe.
  • Installing gates and fencing, where possible, around the property.
  • Installing an intercom system.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Again there are health and safety regulations that you must comply with, but here are some important areas for you to evaluate:

  • Carry out a health and safety risk assessment.
  • Regularly inspect floors and eliminate any trip hazards. This includes things like floor defects and wires.
  • Regularly inspect and clean outside areas, such as driveways and patios, for defects.
  • Provide a non-slip bath mat.
  • Install handrails on stairs.
  • Make sure that any dark areas have adequate lighting.
  • If you have a balcony install appropriate railings.
  • Is furniture, such as chairs and beds, structurally sound? Also avoid furniture with sharp edges.
  • If you have a swimming pool or hot tub make sure that you have extra safety measures in place and that you comply with any additional guidelines and regulations.

It is also advisable that you provide your guests with a 24/7 emergency phone number. This will assure guests that you take their safety seriously and can also help to minimise any incidents from occurring.

Also provide guests with a handbook, this should include things like how to turn the gas and water off should they ever need to.

It is of the upmost importance when letting out your property as a short-term let that you comply with and keep up-to-date with legislation to ensure that your guests enjoy their holiday in the safest possible environment. If an incident does occur you will also need to prove that you have put the necessary measures in place.

The importance of using professional photos in your Airbnb and short-let listings


Whether we are conscious of it or not photographs play a significant part in many of our day-to-day buying decisions.

This is even more apparent in the online world, take the following as an example:

You visit eBay to buy a mobile phone and three sellers with the same rating are advertising an identical product for the same price. Out of the following who are you more likely to purchase from?

The one who has used:

  • Professional photos supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Photos that they have taken themselves; they have used their duvet cover as a backdrop and the photos are a bit dark and blurry.
  • No photos at all.

Professional photos are likely to get the best results. The same principle applies when people are looking for holidays and comparing short-term let properties on websites such as Airbnb. The following outlines why professional photographs are so important to use within your Airbnb listings.


Potential guests will usually decide whether or not your property is in the running within seconds. When scanning through search results on Airbnb they will quickly compare properties, short-listing their favourites. Many are likely to right off a property based on the photographs alone, before they have even looked at the price and other details.

It is therefore important that you stand out from the competition (after all there is a lot) and show off your property to its full potential. A good photographer will have invested in top of the range equipment, such as cameras and lenses, this combined with their experience should create a result which is non-comparable to DIY photos.

Target Audience

Photos can help you to attract the type of guests that you would like to stay in your property. For example, if your property is ideal for families your photos should highlight key selling points such as outside spaces, cooking facilities, games as well as any child-friendly features.

If your property is more expensive than average this does not mean that you will not receive as many bookings, you just have to ensure that the photos reflect quality and pull in your target audience. This is down to what is in the photos as well as the quality of the photos themselves. If you have any interesting items such as pieces of art, unusual furniture or impressive technology that make your property stand out, a few close-ups will help to highlight these features. A professional photographer will have experience on what sells in regards to composition as well as the best angles and lighting. They will also be able to edit the photos afterwards to enhance them further.

If you want to come across as a professional landlord with experience in short-stay rentals your photographs need to ooze professionalism. Remember that your guests want to know that they will be safe and looked after.

In summary professional photographs can help you to stand out from your competition, attract your target audience and portray trust and professionalism.

When using a skilled photographer it is a good idea to ask them to provide you with a bank of images that you can use throughout the year.

For example when winter is approaching use images of your property with Christmas decorations and if applicable an open fire. The choice of flowers can also portray season, such as Daffodils in the springtime. It is important that you help potential guests to imagine themselves living in your space, this is something your photographer will be able to help with.

Also remember to keep your photos up to date; if you have a major revamp then it is important that you get your photos re-done.

Of course there is cost to consider when using a professional photographer but it is a valuable investment that should help to increase the profits of your short-term let. Consider how many additional nights rent would you need to make the investment worthwhile. Probably not that many…

How to Encourage Repeat Guests


If you have a short let property it’s great when you receive a booking but what’s even better is when those guests return time and time again, as well as refer you onto their friends, family and co-workers.

The big question is how do you go about getting repeat business? It may seem obvious (and some things are!) but there are lots of areas that property owners often overlook. We have put together some tips to get you well on the way to ensuring that you are at the top of your guests’ list of places to stay.

Target Audience

The first thing you need to think about is whom you are trying to market your short let property to. For example, if you are charges are above average then that’s fine but you need to invest time and money into ensuring that you are providing your guests with a luxury experience. If you are looking to appeal to families then think about child safety and smaller details such as providing games.

Your target audience should also dictate the way in which you lay out your rooms, for example families would require a mix of single and double beds whereas a hen party may prefer all singles. If you are trying to appeal to a mix of people then buy versatile furniture, such as beds that can be easily moved around and pushed together.


Ensuring that your property is clean may sound obvious but this doesn’t just mean a quick scout around with the hoover in between guests. Instead you should be implementing a strict cleaning schedule that includes dusting, hovering, floor washing, bathroom cleaning as well as providing fresh linen and towels. Nothing should be left untouched, even those areas that you think that nobody will ever look (like behind the radiators!). Remember it can only take one person and one bad review to tarnish your good name.

Attention to Detail

If you really want to stand out from other short let properties then you really need to go that extra mile.

Before you let out your property make sure that you have lived in it yourself so that you can experience life as a guest and ensure that it is fully equipped for cooking, sleeping, sanitation and leisure. Ask yourself what would have made your experience better?

Some small touches that you may want to consider to give you an edge are books, magazines/newspapers, milk, bread, butters, conserves, scourers and washing-up liquid. It is also nice to include an information book on the property itself (such as how to work certain appliances) as well as details on what to do in the local area.

Essentials and Gifts

Leave a lasting impression on your guests and invest in some luxury shampoos, conditioners, body washes, body lotions and toilet roll. If you really want to stand out you could also consider leaving a gift for when your guests arrive at your property, such as champagne or a hamper.


It is important that you keep your property looking fresh to avoid disappointment, as guests will expect to be presented with the same property that was advertised to them in the photos not a tired version of it. If considering a revamp think back to your target audience and the kind of décor that would satisfy them.

Meet and Greet

Ensure that your guests receive a truly personal experience by meeting them on arrival at your property. This way you can give them a guide around and explain things (like how to use the oven and shower) as well as answer any questions that they may have.

24/7 Support

Make sure that it is easy for your guests to contact you, especially in case of an emergency. Also ensure that you are prepared to quickly be able to deal with any faults with the property, such as if the oven or hot water stops working.


Once guests vacate your property make sure that you contact them to follow-up on their stay and get that all-important feedback.

We hope the above suggestions help to get you to think about your own short let property and how you can increase repeat business. If time is not on your side and you require further expertise you could consider hiring a property management company who will take care of everything for you.

Should I rent out my home on a short term let basis?

Short Term Let My Home

If you have a property, a flat, house or any shared space in London you will already know how valuable space is in the capital. The demand for letting on a short term basis has significantly increased from both people visiting London for tourism/leisure and also for work or to visits friends. This is projected to continue growing as London remains a major attraction and place to visit.

The recent post Brexit drop in the pound has made visiting London an even more attractive for travellers from abroad. All of this means that strong demand has meant that many property owners are successfully letting out their places on a temporary basis with good returns.

Its great for guests as well since they typically pay less than for a hotel while staying in a much nicer place with much more space & amenities giving better value. So its understandable why its growing in popularity as an alternative accommodation to more traditional options such as hotels.

The challenge for hosts is how to go about making the property available for short term letting. The basic steps are getting the property listed on a suitable website, getting it ready for guests and managing it.

1. Where do I list my property for short term letting? Airbnb is the leading site in the market, has invested considerable resources to make it simple to use for both hosts and guests. There are many other websites also available, such as TripAdviser and HomeAway.
2. Getting the place ready will mean creating a listing and preparing the space to receive guests. Most of this is common sense such as creating suitable spaces for guests and ensuring that there are adequate amenities to support their stay.
3. Managing it is probably the most challenging part since it involves meeting and greeting guests, on-going guest communication, calendar management and cleaning/linen management, all the aspects involved in provide the actual physical service.

Whether you do all or part of above very much depends on your personal circumstances. Doing it yourself is very time consuming and requires being available at all times to communicate with guests and ensure the place is well managed.

Thankfully there are now many service providers who can help with taking away the burden of actually managing the place leaving you to get on with your other activities or enjoy your time away. This is where we come in at Hello Guest to provide a full service you can rely on for Airbnb management London as well as all the requirements for your property managed on a short let basis.

If you are interested further in these services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on hello@helloguest.co.uk

Co-Hosting with Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Airbnb has grown from leaps to bounds over the past decade and even more so in the recent past.

Given the free economy that the world is leaning more and more towards- How we live, How we travel and how we do business is fast becoming evolutionary and in all this where does the property owner stand?

How can property owners rent their abodes and yet be hassle free from all the encumbrances and responsibilities that a host is required to do?

Airbnb has a listing of some very adept Host Management service companies that is assisting them further in expanding their inventory. Given their current valuation of 30 Billion$ their primary focus for growth now is to go beyond the present revenue ceiling from existing inventory and thus attract more property owners to open up their inventory to Airbnb.

The hassle of hosting has been a barrier for many people but now with more and more property management services out there, it seems to be a positive trend in acknowledging the role these managed services bring to the Airbnb domain.

It’s probably relatively easier to furnish the property you wish to put up on Airbnb, create an irresistible listing, upload awesome images but the crucial part is to then enable that property to create a steady passive income. This is the challenging part for most property owners and hosts on Airbnb.

This is where professional and reputed property management services come in.

A credible property/host management outfit can not only look after those bookings that start to pour in but also ensure all the requisite tasks are well taken care of.

From property cleaning services, restocking of household amenities, supervising repairs and redecorations, meeting and greeting guests, key exchange services etc the tasks of taking care of a property are full blown and is a full time scenario.

Ask yourself do you as a property owner wish to get stuck with these aspects that can be very often overwhelming or would you rather focus on attracting multiple 5-star reviews for your property?

In fact outsourcing your property with a credible property management company can actually enable you to run the show from any part of the world. So whether you are in a job that requires you to leave home and hearth often (London) and travel, or if you are worried about an imminent job posting in another city/country, planning a move to another country or if you just wish to pack your bags and take a year off travelling and soaking in cultures then the right property management company can do wonders for you.

We at Hello Guest have many such property owners who literally and virtually operate their second income by collaborating with us and placing their trust in us.

What has worked very well for us in the recent past is the care we take in building relationships with our clients.

Veronica Tribolati the dynamic co-founder at Helloguest.co.uk is not only a great communicator but also the face of Hello Guest and she says “We started Hello Guest with a vision to streamline and professionally manage services that any property owner would require to make his/her property a 5 star stay for the guest”.

Hello Guest has recently been gaining in strength with their careful emphasis on training their team in all aspects of Hospitality and Guest management.

Toby France who is also the Co-Founder at Hello Guest says “Our key focus has been to consistently keep delivering quality services with the utmost professionalism”.

It is this passion that both along with their highly motivated team bring to this very important cog in the wheel of property management services.

Their pricing and payment options are also highly competitive and Co-hosting your property with them comes with many advantages. Plus they know the city-our beloved city of London and can thus value add by giving some cool recommendations to the guests in terms of navigating around the city which can be very daunting considering the pace and size of this no.1 most visited city in the world

Hello Guest is a game changer in the domain that it belongs to and thus any property owner who wishes to let out their property with them will only have much to gain considering the great reviews and testimonials they have garnered over time and experience.

So if you wish to go from Host to Superhost – contact us to find out more.

Hosting on Airbnb with a full time job – How easy/stressful is that?

Self Airbnb Management
Self Airbnb Management

It doesn’t make any difference whether you are new or a veteran to Airbnb.

Anyone who is in a full-time job- knows and understands very well the pressures that come with juggling that and your part-time income or any side business.

And Airbnb is no different. In fact, it requires more Time, Energy and Loving attention to detail as you are letting strangers into your home- your personal space, or even if you do not live there- it yet is your space which took time and investment. So you need to ensure that everything is above board.

Busting your self for spare change or slowly and steadily developing an alternate passive income is an area where most people start off but cannot hold on for lack of consistency which requires effort and time.

Specially if you are looking to host frequently- then here are a few key questions that arise-

Can I ask my guests to check in only after 6 pm? (when I am done with my office for the day?)

Whilst this may or may not work – it’s important to bear in mind most guests are travellers on vacation or business individuals who would like to arrive early into the city. So checking in post 6 pm will for sure not go down well with most. It would seriously limit your bookings.

When do you think you will find the time to clean up after a guest leaves and before a new one comes in?

Yes, you might hire someone on a regular basis to clean the house- domestic help for instance; but being on Airbnb requires more effort and more professionalism. Housekeeping staff are trained in hotel management areas etc and know exactly what to look out for, the do’s and don’ts that may affect guests checking in. Expectations with cleaning the house vary but it has to have 5 star standards. A home away from home for most travellers. Plus you would need references for the cleaners that you may hire which is again time-consuming. And you certainly don’t wish to use up your holidays etc to do all the major cleaning up.

Also another important factor is – How would you screen your guests? How would you answer the calls during your office hours? How would you meet and greet your guests? How would you assess your guest?

It’s all about response time and building a relationship with your guests isn’t it?

This takes a certain amount of experience and professionalism in not only checking the credibility of your guest but also making sure the required amenities are in place when the guests check in.

Plus you want great reviews for your Home- else you may not see regular bookings- considering the competition out there. Meeting and greeting is key to ensuring your guests have a great stay and you garner great 5 star reviews.

Most property owners in a full-time job live busy and highly engaged lives. Work, family, grocery shopping, school runs, one’s own health and well-being and the list goes on and on..

Even though we might say Technology assists us; but when it comes down to it- experiences are built on trust and relating. We yet live full-on stressed lives in-spite of technology available at our disposal.

And if you are going to do all of the above single-handedly you are most certainly setting yourself up to a great deal of stress.

So what do you do? How do you tackle all the questions above?

There are some very reputed professional management services out there who know how to address these. Placing trust in them is certainly the way to go as most property owners who are doing very well is proof of this.

We at Hello Guest have built a steady reputation when it comes to property management.

Our key services are Guest bookings/screenings, Meet and Greet, Key exchange, Property Inventory, Cleaning services and House Guide etc.

Veronica Tribolati (Co-founder @HelloGuest) says- “We have built a team around these areas and each and every member of our team is dedicated, passionate and bring their entrepreneurial flair to this fast growing domain”.

So what’s stopping you? Get in touch with us to have a face to face meet with one of our Directors at 07903 051473 you can enjoy a hassle free Airbnb hosting business.

Become a SUPERHOST and avoid Host Fatigue

Airbnb Host Fatigue
Airbnb Host Fatigue


Become a SUPERHOST and avoid Host Fatigue

In recent times property owners on Airbnb have become successful micro-entrepreneurs who now live a lifestyle filled with diverse experiences. These successful group of people will  attest to the fact that one of the key traits required is to be a genuine and warm host. Great hosting takes a lot of work, time and dedication on the part of the property owner and this is certainly not easy to be consistent with; considering our busy lifestyles where we are constantly juggling various aspects of our personal and professional commitments.

And so the downside? Off Lately one is seeing property owners experiencing ‘host fatigue’, that feeling of ‘burnt out’ which then leads to a domino effect on the guest stay and guest experience scenarios.

We as human beings are hardwired to start off any new venture with great enthusiasm- and on Airbnb there are property owners who totally dedicate themselves to their guests so much so that everything else in their lives then takes sort of a ‘back seat’ which is anything but healthy in any shape or form because at some point it all seems like a huge chore.

What exactly is Host Fatigue?

Most property owners give it their all when it comes to pleasing the guest which is great but sometimes this creates an imbalance and some common examples are:-

  • waking up at odd hours in the morning to check the Airbnb mobile app
  • running to get repair jobs done on time before the next guest comes in
  • feeling inadequate with the quality of images of one’s property put up on the Airbnb profile
  • pulling your hair just because the right ‘check in manual’ wasn’t given to the guest
  • feeling unsure about the amenities offered in the flat
  • dreaming about clean linens and laundry instead of a peaceful night’s sleep etc.

And yes the initial lure of back- to-back bookings have eventually fazed many a Host as that leads to minor slip-ups which then lead to Host Fatigue as one then starts to get ‘negative reviews’.

Life is not about juggling but actually about striking a ‘balance’ with it all.

How to avoid Host Fatigue

What helps us is facing up reality and having realistic expectations from our own selves. This then means that when it comes to Hosting we must understand that we can only do so much and to truly be consistent with it we must allow ourselves to collaborate with a professional team/host management agency who know their job and have the experience to back it up with.

One such is ‘Hello Guest’ who offer their professional services to the Property owners thus ensuring that you- the property owner need not stress, worry, juggle, and thus give in to host fatigue anymore.

Hello Guest’s Mantra is simple- Streamlining approach- maximise performance and minimise cost.

With our very dedicated team of professionals we ensure that each and every area of Property management and Guest management is well covered. With Veronica and Toby at the helm of it all- the team is constantly motivated to deliver the highest standards worthy of any luxury hotel yet keeping in tune with realistic expectations of the Host as well as the Guest. Hello Guest has had consistent performance parameters along with establishing healthy trusting relationships with the property owners.

So let us wear that Hat- allow us to partner with you- let us focus on guest screenings, bookings and the logistics of it all; whilst you focus on your relationship with life. Reach us at helloguest.co.uk.

Free up your free time- go meditate on the beach, play golf and stay Fatigue-free!


How much can you make from Airbnb in London?

How much can you make from Airbnb in London?

Short-term rentals and lettings have dramatically increased  and with this the potential to earn more ever since Airbnb has become a way of living from the time of its inception in 2008.

From Property owners to entrepreneurs, and everyone in the middle has enthusiastically taken to this entirely new style of doing business- the sharing economy as it’s aptly called.

London is the No.1 (main video link here) most visited city in the world since the past 3 years and has the 3rd highest occupancy rate with Airbnb with one of the lowest seasonal volatility- which means London is 365 year round- and your potential to earn becomes far better in such a scenario.

How much can you truly earn?

The average rates around Central London looks like this

Airbnb in London
Central London Airbnb prices

What exactly is Airbnb and how does anyone make money out of this is the most commonly asked question?

It’s a digital platform that allows anyone and everyone (mostly ordinary people like us) to rent out our property or our rooms (depending on the space available) to travellers and tourists visiting our cities no matter where we are in the world. And we get to charge them for their short-term stays.

All you have to do is create a profile on Airbnb with loads of great but real pictures of the property/space you intend letting out, do some research on the kind of pricing in your area- and accordingly fix a price to your abode.

Airbnb takes care of the payment aspects- the paperwork, the bookings and what’s more- you get a great insurance deal (up to £600,00 or $1 million) 

What are the top 3 reasons to Airbnb your home?

We could list a ‘host’ of reasons- pun intended.

But the top 3 we figure easily makes the most common sense.

Ease and Flexibility is number 1– where else are you (the property owner) going to have it this easy to make regular and decent earnings without any major risks involved? You can choose the time, the month, the frequency of how often you wish to rent your space out and then have it back whenever you want.

More Money better lifestyle!- We could have easily listed this as no.1 but then it’s not all about the money is it? It’s all about a lifestyle- and the ease with which you can truly have it. So if you wish to travel for a few months, or take that course in Spain, or just soak in some culture in Asia- and yet make money on your property- which pays the mortgage, the bills, covers your travels and yet manage to save over- how cool is that! Would you or not?

Hassle Free- In a truly connected global economy what we all wish for more and more is less stress on doing things- or doing business even. With Hello Guest- we manage your listings and look at every other aspect whilst you go off and say Hello to the World.

So really what is needed?

It can be as basic as a spare room, a studio flat, or something adventurous like a houseboat, a caravan on wheels or opulent like a 75 bedroom castle, or cool digs with a city penthouse or loft overlooking the lights.

But having said this- there are some key factors that will make your property much more appealing to any guest looking to stay over.

As we very well know that ‘experience’ is what counts- and anyone having a great experience is not only sure to come back but also spread the word.

How one manages ‘listings and great guest experiences’ is key here. And guest experience is nothing but how well-managed it all is. From the time the guest checks in until check out- fresh linens, clean house, well-stocked bathroom, kitchen amenities, a welcome goody bag, information manual all make a huge difference in experience.

And with a few very professional and world-class property management outfits available with Airbnb- your job is even simpler- as all you have to do is partner with the right kind of company that genuinely cares for you, your property, the guest experience and your earnings.

The other key factor is ‘What kind of property you have’?

Does it have a great view? Is it conveniently located with easy access to public transport? What’s the quality of the building etc etc.

Let’s talk about London here since we are primarily focused on this city.

We have seen over time that most travellers prefer to book a place that is in Zone 1 or Zone 2 and a few selected areas outside these zones; but prime Central London is truly where the action and the buzz is for tourists.

You can tap in the postcode, area code or location into Airbnb’s search facility and you’ll quickly get a sense of what properties go for in your area.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us here, and go take that dream vacation leaving the Airbnb hassles to us.

Airbnb Host Guarantee – Complete details

Airbnb Hosting

Airbnb has grown exponentially in the past few years ever since its inception 8 years ago.

Its valuation in June 2015 was pegged at 24 billion$.

One of the primary reasons for this success is that it really knows how to take care of its hosts– the property owners.

Its USP is in ensuring ‘peace of mind’ for each and every host no matter where they are.  In an increasingly small world this ‘host guarantee’ has made Airbnb one of the safest and most trusted online communities that is only increasing in popularity each day.

At the Ignite conference held in March 2016- findings say that London was one of the most popular cities ranking behind New York and Paris.

In-fact Airbnb’s UK and Ireland GM James McClure said, “London’s the third biggest city in terms of places to stay, there is a little over 40,000 places to stay and that is growing 75% year on year so we are very happy with how that growth is.”

This then makes for a truly sound business venture for all those micro-entrepreneurs who are looking to host their properties and this is where one’s peace of mind comes in.

As the property owner, one has a lot at stake and even though Airbnb’s track record has been spot on so far accounting for a minor percentage of property damages or even host disputes; it still is a very valid question to ask- “How do I ensure my property is safe?”

Airbnb makes it safe and simple with their unmatched insurance guarantee for property damage up to £600,000.

What does it really mean?

It means each time there is a booking for the host property, an automatic insurance cover becomes active and all the host has to do at the initial stage at the time of their property listing is to follow some easy steps mentioned on their site.

It’s also important to understand that this ‘Host Guarantee’ does not cover reasonable wear and tear and it’s always common sense to take away most valuable assets like cash, jewellery and other precious items like family heirlooms etc. A detailed description of everything is below.

What is covered?

“Covered Losses” means and is limited to direct physical loss or physical damage incurred by a Host to Covered Property of such Host located at a Covered Accommodation caused by the Responsible Guest or an Invitee of the Responsible Guest while staying at such Covered Accommodation booked by such Responsible Guest through the Services.

What is not covered?

  1. Currency, money, precious metal in bullion form, notes or securities.
  2. Land, water or any other substance in or on land; except this exclusion does not apply to (i) land improvements consisting of landscape gardening, roadways and pavements, but not including any fill or land beneath such property, or (ii) water that is contained within any enclosed tank, piping system or any other processing equipment.
  3. Animals, including, but not limited to, livestock and pets.
  4. Standing timber; growing crops.
  5. Watercraft (including, but not limited to, boats, yachts, jet skis, and similar craft), aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites. This watercraft exclusion does not apply with respect to any watercraft which is a Covered Accommodation. However, this exclusion does apply to vessels that, at the time of the loss, are in transit, or are moving greater than 10 feet from their usual fixed location and moving faster than one mile per hour.
  6. Vehicles (including, but not limited to, automobiles, scooters, vespas, and motorcycles). This exclusion does not apply with respect to any vehicle that is a Covered Accommodation. However, this exclusion does apply to vehicles that, at the time of the loss, are in transit, or are moving greater than 10 feet from their usual fixed location and moving faster than one mile per hour.
  7. Underground mines or mine shafts or any property within such mine or shaft.
  8. Dams, dikes and levees.
  9. Property in transit, except as otherwise provided by these Airbnb Host Guarantee Terms.
  10. Transmission and distribution lines beyond 1,000 feet of the Covered Accommodation.
  11. Any damage to any property that is not in, at, or on a Covered Accommodation.
  12. Real property owned by a party other than you and that you do not control.

Are there any limitations to the coverage?

The Airbnb Host Guarantee pays Covered Losses only and does not pay for any of the following (“Excluded Losses”):

  1. any losses caused by a Guest or Invitee after the expiration of the booking period shown in the applicable Listing.
  2. losses or damages for Covered Property, which arise out of any one booking of a Covered Accommodation by a Responsible Guest, in excess of the Limit.
  3. in the case of Fine Arts, losses or damages if the Fine Arts cannot be replaced with other of like kind and quality and any loss or damage from any repairing, restoration or retouching process.
  4. any losses, damages, cost or expense of whatsoever nature, directly or indirectly, caused by, relating to or resulting from any of the following:
    • (i) Excluded Property;
    • (ii) acts of nature, including, but not limited to, earthquakes and weather-related events such as hurricanes and tornadoes;
    • (iii) excessive use of electricity, gas, fuel, water or other utilities provided for the Covered Accommodation;
    • (iv) indirect or remote causes;
    • (v) interruption of business, loss of market and/or loss of use, except that the Airbnb Host Guarantee does cover Booking Income Loss;
    • (vi) loss, damage, or deterioration arising from any delay;
    • (vii) mysterious disappearance, loss, or shortage disclosed on taking inventory, or any unexplained loss of inventory;
    • (viii) enforcement of any law or ordinance (i) regulating the construction, repair, replacement, use or removal of any property, including removal of debris, or (ii) requiring the demolition of any property, including the cost of removing its debris;
    • (ix) animals, including injuries to animals, veterinary care, boarding, medications, and all other services associated with animals; or
    • (x) identity theft or identity fraud.
  5. any losses, damages, cost or expense of whatsoever nature, directly or indirectly, caused by or resulting from any of the following, regardless of any other cause or event contributing thereto:
    • (i) any hostile act or act of war, terrorism, insurrection or rebellion;
    • (ii) actual or threatened malicious use of poisonous biological or chemical materials;
    • (iii) nuclear reaction or radiation or radioactive contamination;
    • (iv) seizure or destruction under quarantine or custom regulation, or confiscation by order of any governmental or public authority;
    • (v) contraband, or illegal transportation or trade;
    • (vi) any dishonest act, including but not limited to theft, committed by you or any persons or entities retained by you to do anything in connection with Covered Property, unless such persons or entities are a Responsible Guest or Invitee and such act is done without your knowledge; or
    • (vii) lack of electricity, fuel, water, gas, steam, refrigerant, sewerage, telephone or internet services due to external factors.
  6. the following conditions:
    • (i) faulty workmanship, material, construction or design from any cause;
    • (ii) deterioration, depletion, rust, corrosion or erosion, inherent vice or latent defect;
    • (iii) Ordinary Wear and Tear;
    • (iv) settling, cracking, shrinking, bulging, or expansion of foundations, floors, pavements, walls, ceilings or roofs;
    • (v) changes of temperature or relative humidity; or
    • (vi) damage caused by insects, animals or vermin (including pets);

    provided, that any physical damage resulting from any of the conditions listed above will be covered by the Airbnb Host Guarantee if not otherwise excluded under the Airbnb Host Guarantee.

We at Hello Guest make this even simpler by ensuring that it’s all done from the moment you sign up with us for ‘full property management services’. It’s part of our customer care protocol and most importantly we care equally for you as our family and as a part of the larger Airbnb family.

Veronica Tribolati Co-Founder @Hello Guest says “When a host signs up with us we ensure that small damages, spillages of wine or coffee on the couch or carpet are taken care by our in-house housekeeping team as these minimal damages are not part of the Airbnb insurance cover. But we ensure that the host is really aware of what the Airbnb cover entails and thus is well prepared for any eventuality.”

It’s always good to know that ‘peace of mind’ is not just a term but something that is very well implemented by our professional team with an absolute commitment to quality care. With our constant dedication in building a solid relationship with our hosts- Hello Guest takes it up a notch in the world of Airbnb property management services.

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