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How do Airbnb reviews work


Feedback is the cornerstone of the Airbnb system. As a host, it’s a great opportunity to attract new guests, and to share your view on people that have let your property. This trust-based system allows people to make informed decisions about rentals.

Reviews are optional but strongly encouraged. All types of stay, from long-term rentals to short-term lets, have the opportunity for two-way feedback. Here’s how it works.

How do Airbnb reviews work

Your guests are able to leave a review of their stay with you for up to 14 days after they’ve completed their visit. These can be of up to 500 words and can be either positive or negative – as long as they meet the company’s content standards people can be free and frank in their opinions.

Guests may also choose to leave you private feedback. This is where a guest wants a host to hear their comments on their stay but feels it doesn’t need to be on public display so it appears in the account section of the website.

Private feedback is usually comments and suggestions for improvements in what you offer. As such it’s a constructive and useful tool to polish what you offer customers. Guests are asked to explain things they loved about their stay and points where you could improve.

Leaving reviews of your Airbnb guests

You can also leave reviews on guests. This type of information can be helpful for anyone considering letting their property to the same groups in the future. Remember, reviews are never compulsory but they are useful for building up a picture of what you offer, and your experiences. If you’ve accepted a booking with multiple guests then any review you leave will appear on the profile of everyone that stayed with you.

The way reviews work on Airbnb is regularly updated so it’s worth keeping track of the most recent processes. For example, the latest changes mean your reviews on guests are revealed at the same time as their reviews on you. This facility was added so people could leave honest reviews without getting unwarranted criticism as a direct result.

Timescale and rules for leaving Airbnb reviews

The opportunity to leave a review is open for 14 days after a guest’s stay. That’s apparently because 90% of users that will ever leave a review do so in that period. This gives users fast feedback on a property but also means you need to consider the timescale if you want to leave a review.

This may be particularly relevant if you have concerns about the behaviour of a guest – if you think others need to be aware of your experience then ensure you complete the details in time.

There are a number of provisos for what is acceptable in a review. The following are not allowed:

  • Reviews that are not accurate descriptions of people’s experience
  • Reviews that don’t cover what actually happened during the guest’s stay. This could be (for example) religious or political commentary.
  • Reviews that endorse illegal or harmful activity. This could be obscene, threatening or discriminatory comments aimed at the host or guest.
  • Reviews that share identifying information or violate intellectual property rights.
  • Reviews where the content is used as extortion. This is not a common problem but it’s not unheard of.
  • Reviews that explain the details of a Airbnb investigation.

Airbnb property management

Feedback and reviews are such an important part of the way Airbnb works that it’s worth investing time in giving and getting comments. However, if you can’t fit this kind of Airbnb property management into your schedule then professional services are available to manage your rental home.

Central London-based management company helloGuest covers every aspect of short stay guest rentals. They can support property owners in managing listings and profiles on a number of key advertising platforms, including Airbnb, HolidayLettings and TripAdvisor.

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