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How we Optimise Airbnb Listings for More Bookings

When you first join Airbnb, your listing gets a boost, which means you’re presented at top of search results and thus seen by more potential guests.

However, once this initial boost passes and Airbnb has gotten you interested, you’re left to do the hard work to get yourself back to number one.

Our story here at Hello Guest began as hosts on Airbnb. After the initial boost, we were frustrated by a lack of bookings. But over the years, we picked up tips and tricks that helped us earn Super host status and helped us earn a consistent, substantial income.

And Hello Guest was born to help others just like us make the most out of their Airbnb potential. To learn more about our Airbnb host management service, get in touch with us here.

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Airbnb SEO – what does that mean?

You might have noticed that when you’re on Google, you never go beyond the first two pages?

Well, it works the same for Airbnb too. And when you do appear on the first two pages, you’ll have no problem filling your booking calendar at any time of the year.

The Airbnb search engine is set on pre-defined rules that identify each event on your listing, either positive or negative.

The sure-fire way to win with Airbnb is being guest-focused, no matter how hard it might make life as a host.

Therefore, Airbnb will monitor how people react to your listing and will mark you on KPIs like click-through rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, exit event, booking time, popularity, and much more.

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Optimising listings

After careful testing and years of experience and research, Hello Guest can provide valuable expert help and techniques used in our professional Airbnb management service to get your listing number one.

Our first step when taking over your property is to ensure that your listing appears on relevant Airbnb searches. The answer here is simple, excellent customer service and regularly updated listings make for top-appeared properties.

Airbnb’s ranking algorithm centres on hosts who provide ultimate experiences, so the happier your guests are, the higher you will rank.

That’s where we will come in; we will handle all guest communication, ensure high and consistent reviews, and make it easier for guests to book with tools like ‘instant booking’.

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Increase Airbnb conversion funnel

We know exactly what to do to boost your listing, get a guest’s attention and convert them into a booking.

We need to tweak and ensure your availability is just right for a potential guest’s criteria to maximise your bookings.

Guests may also be searching with filters or a particular measure, so we need to show off what’s available and where you’re based.

We have the data behind us to tell us what guests are looking for and the extras they love, so we make sure that we tick all the boxes and supply all the right amenities.

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Airbnb tips for the meantime

The age of your listing also works to gain Airbnb’s trust. With each successful checkout, you’ll become more and more credible.

And whilst there’s nothing you can do to make your listing age faster and gain authority, you can offer shorter bookings to speed up the process.

Here are some of the things we might include in our service after our agreement with you, but they are easy things you can do yourself in the meantime to work the algorithm:

  • Beat the competition with lower prices or no cleaning fees
  • Offer key amenities such as free parking, WiFi, TV, BBQ and more
  • Get good guest reviews and provide essentials like towels, soap, pillows etc
  • Provide home safety amenities like fire extinguishers
  • Ease your Airbnb cancellations policy to be flexible
  • Avoid any cancellations or bad reviews
  • Keep your response time low and achieve a high approval rate

Getting the pricing just right

Your listing needs will need constant and consistent work, including pricing optimisation to attract the right guest at the right time.

Airbnb encourages hosts to make it more affordable for guests with limited budgets and expects you to change nightly prices, which will be rewarded with higher search rankings.

We recommend starting with a 20% lower fee than other properties offering the same amenities in your area – once the bookings start coming in and five-star reviews then you can increase the pricing.

Expert tip: Turn off Airbnb smart pricing.

To beat your competitors and turn your property into a profitable business, get in touch with us today here.

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