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Airbnb Management ReportingTrack Business Results & Airbnb Analytics

Monthly Analytical Reports to Show You Our Successes

With Airbnb, you can track your hosting progress by opting into professional hosting tools, where you can view your listing’s performance, your top-performing listings and comparisons for similar listings in your area. In your insights area, you’ll be able to find metrics for conversions, occupancy, rates, earnings, progress and earnings.

But what does this information tell you, and what do you use it for? With Hello Guest, we’re an Airbnb property management company that knows exactly what to do with the data and how to use it to help you reach milestone after milestone.

More than this, due to our multi-channel exposure strategy, we go one step deeper into the analytics to see how your property performs on multiple booking platforms and how different customers interact with your short-let property.

Don’t waste your data – let us help you use it to grow your business. Contact us now.

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Data at a click of a button

As experienced Airbnb Superhosts, we know that property owners and landlords need to be informed of their business performance – and we have found that property management analysation reports are the best way to do this, where everything you need to know is in one place.

Using our digital reporting tools, our business partners can seamlessly and quickly review their operational and financial information by accessing and evaluating their monthly reports.

Our monthly invoice statements include:

  • Summary of bookings
  • Detailed overview of your income and top-performing listings
  • Any expenses occurred


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Review your business performance with precision

Our property management reports work with historical data on processes’ evolution and where best to direct the company’s efforts.

In our reports, managers, employees and property owners can get a snapshot of their performance, allowing them to see our plans for the future and the long-term strategy we’ve developed from the stats.

We also understand that static reports can have a short shelf-life. That’s why we offer monthly reporting to provide deeper insights to evaluate the business’ current health.

Using both reports, we can paint a comprehensive picture of how your vacation rental performs and the short-term and long-term plans we have efficiently devised to help your rental grow.

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Everything in one place – smart reports

For any management service, it’s critical for clients to view their financial results easily. Work out how much you could earn with us.

We use an all-in-one-place dashboard to gather data for our Airbnb reports. Here, we can see your transaction history, earnings report, customer review, upcoming reservations, and so much more.

Each month, or upon your request, we will deliver a simple income tracking report that will help you monitor the overall profit and performance.

Optimise your company's goals

As Hello Guest provides access to reliable data, which we carefully use to create attainable goals, we can help your rental or business reach its final purpose. For example, by accessing relevant data, businesses can make faster decisions from up-to-date information on their customers.

We also allow our Airbnb partners to modify their goals whenever necessary, alongside our guidance, to form a forward-thinking strategy. And this is all achieved by receiving reports periodically.

Hello Guest, understands that not all of our partners have the time to read the data and understand what the analytics are really saying. That’s why we include reporting as a standard in our Airbnb Management Packages. We dive deep into the insights, so you don’t have to. But rest assured, you’ll be made aware of all and any plans before we progress.

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