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We Take Good Care of Your Home – You’ll Never Know The Difference

HelloGuest was created to eliminate the inconvenience of short-letting in order to help landlords and homeowners maximise their rental revenue.

Our property management services include hotel-like premium toiletries, high-standard laundry service, home insurance and professional cleaning.

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Our property management service is simple to set up:

  1. Sign up: Talk to our host advisors to see how much you can earn
  2. Onboarding: Getting your property ready
  3. Go live: Your property will be posted on various booking platforms so you can start earning

We do everything from Airbnb management to long-term lets all wrapped up in one easy service. Why settle for less?

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Professional housekeeping

Our team of professional housekeepers have years of experience working in hotels and BnBs, which means they know how to add that personal touch to your home whilst keeping it looking perfect.

Our partners can expect an impeccable, clean place after each visit.

Because let’s face it, a little house pampering has never failed to put a smile on someone’s face. We take care of all the little details, which add a feel of homely luxury increasing the usual standard of an Airbnb experience.

Depending on the property location we will use either in house cleaners or professional cleaners to clean and prepare the property to a guest-ready standard.

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Property cleaning to hotel standards

Our housekeepers are trained to provide hotel-grade cleaning services.

You can also expect them to provide:

  • High-quality linens and towels
  • Restock all essentials
  • Professionally clean your home

We will take care of arranging the replenishment of essential items such as WC roll and hand soap as well as cleaning products if required. Other items are discretionary such as toiletries like shampoo, body wash, and welcome gifts.

It’s important to provide guests with clean linen and towelling as part of their stay. We may a linen delivery service if it covers the property location, otherwise, we will need you to provide a few sets for the cleaning company to launder.

Our departing guests have the opportunity to rate the cleanliness, which means we can improve our service continuously from their feedback.



What about insurance, is this covered by Airbnb & others?

Some booking channels provide insurance cover in the case of damages, for example, Airbnb and TripAdvisor, if there is supporting evidence of damages then we will raise a claim for you and normally they will cover the damage.

You may also want to consider having your own insurance to cover any potential damages, there are several companies now offering insurance specifically for short let and holiday lettings, we can recommend these to you if needed.

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Why homeowners choose HelloGuest:

Guest communication

Higher earnings

– More time for themselves

– Greater control over their property

– Regular property reports

– Earn up to 30% more than traditional tenancies

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Professionalism and consistently delivering a quality service are his key focus and to ensure the team and operations deliver on this.

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Being a natural extrovert and a go-getter, Veronica is a great communicator and is the face of Hello Guest.