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More Convenient Airbnb Stays with Guest Key Exchange

One reason why short-term rentals are appealing is that they are the exact opposite of hotels – there’s no front desk, or someone there to monitor your guests as they come and go, which for them creates a more private and intimate experience.

But how will your guests get the keys? And who will ensure they are ok throughout their stay?

Here at Hello Guest, we have developed a great key handoff process, which is a crucial element of short let management.

Get in touch with us here to see how our Airbnb management service works. We take the hassle out of hosting.

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Grow your Airbnb ratings

Working with various clients on Airbnb, we have found that the check-in process is one of the most valuable components of the overall Airbnb rating that guests will leave.

Guests like to be flexible with their check-in times after travelling and are usually eager to start their vacation and settle in on their own terms – just like they would if they arrived at home.

They don’t want to fill out forms, sign forms, hand over cards, or go through all the terms – they don’t want a headache. They want to get inside and settle down, and who can blame them?

This is where an Airbnb host management company like Hello Guest comes in. We set up a flawless key exchange that means guests do not have to interact hugely with our staff when checking in or can check in by themselves.

We supply them with all the information before their stay and go through everything they need to know before they even arrive.

However, we take the security and safety of your listing very seriously and will ensure all security protocols are maintained and followed.

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How we make the key handoff fool-proof

We go the extra mile to ensure both parties are happy and pleased depending on our client’s specifications and following pandemic guidance.

We offer hosts a few options for the key exchange and check-in process depending on your needs and the setup or requirements of the property.

For some locations, we offer an in-person check-in meet and greet service, and for others, we provide the means to self-check-in, usually via the use of a key lockbox or locations guests can collect or drop off the keys, such as a key café.

We must make sure the check-in process goes smoothly to maintain 5-star reviews.

We have found that guests prefer being able to go directly to the property and check themselves in without having to meet a stranger after several hours of travelling. It also allows guests to arrive when convenient as travel logistics and timing may be uncertain.

We know self-check-in may not be possible for some properties for various reasons, so offer an in-person check-in if possible.

We respect guests’ privacy but always ensure they know that we are available and on-hand if they need any help or information around their stay.

Our customer service is online every day from morning until night to support the guests in any way.

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We communicate all the details

Hello Guest employs several techniques to ensure that guests are well informed about their upcoming stay.

The day guests book, we send them a welcome message and request information regarding their travel timing.

Once this has been confirmed and closer to the arrival date, we provide guests with all the information they need to know about the check-in process.

They would have also received this information via email alongside any terms and conditions they may need to sign (for example, you may have a hot tub policy that needs to be acknowledged).

Our guest communication will include details like the property address, directions, access instructions, house rules, operating rules, and helpful tips like local places to visit, where to eat, host contact info and WiFi passwords.

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We even work with smart locks

Some of our clients prefer to use smart locks for guests to check-in and out quickly – this might be because they give the host more peace of mind.

With smart locks, hosts can generate different codes for each reservation, which can be customised to expire the day of check out so the guest will no longer be able to access the property when they are not supposed to.

With standard lock boxes or key safes, the code will have to be manually changed each time.

Let us know what you prefer, and we will work with you to create a hosted experience you’re comfortable with. Get in touch.

Available to contact whenever

During check-in and check-out, we can ensure that someone is available to answer any questions or respond to problems at convenient times.

Sometimes, when the key handoff is not successful when guests are unable to get hold of you or check in correctly, they might call Airbnb and cancel their booking.

Therefore, we need to ensure this process goes seamlessly as possible and have someone ready to help if there is any trouble.

With Hello Guest, you can expect happy guests, always. Contact us today to learn more about our Airbnb management service and how it can benefit your business.

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