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More Convenient Airbnb Stays with Guest Key Exchange

You’d be a fool to listen to anyone advising you to leave a key under a flowerpot or doormat when exchanging keys with guests. More so, other solutions like leaving them with a cleaner or a friend.

No guest wants to be greeted and let in by the cleaner, nor have we learned that cleaners and friends are 100% dependable all the time. Stuff happens. But to avoid anything less than a five-star review, key management needs to be handled correctly.

The only place you want to store a key is with a holiday let management company or with yourself. 

Contact us here to see how our Airbnb management service works, or keep reading to learn more about Airbnb key management and professional tips for key exchange.

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The problems you’ll face around Airbnb key management

One reason why short-term rentals are appealing is that they are the exact opposite of hotels – there’s no front desk or someone there to monitor your guests as they come and go, which for them creates a more private and intimate experience.

Guests like to be flexible with their check-in times after travelling and are usually eager to start their vacation and settle in on their terms – just like they would if they arrived home. Remember, not all guests will check in at the advertised check-in time.

They don’t want to fill out forms, sign, hand over cards, or go through all the terms – they don’t want a headache. They want to get inside and settle down, and who can blame them?

But how will your guests get the keys? And who will ensure they are ok throughout their stay?

This is where a holiday let management company like Hello Guest comes in. We simplify the key exchange process by having our own trusted team there or through the installation of an automated, secure way to check guests in (depending on host specifications).

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Poor key management leads to poor reviews

Working with various hosts across the UK, we have found that the check-in process is one of the most valuable components of the overall Airbnb rating that guests will leave.

Sometimes, when the key exchange is unsuccessful, or when guests cannot get hold of you or check incorrectly they might call Airbnb and cancel their booking (it does happen).

Therefore, someone always needs to be available if there is any trouble to avoid negative reviews and additional fees. During check-in and check-out, as part of our key management service, we can ensure that someone can answer questions or respond to problems conveniently.

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Key management options

We offer hosts a few options for the key exchange and check-in process depending on your needs and the setup or requirements of the property.

For some locations, we offer an in-person check-in meet and greet service; for others, we provide the means to self-check in, usually via a key lockbox.

For various reasons, we know self-check-in may not be possible for some properties, so we offer an in-person check-in if possible.

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Are smart locks the right way forward?

Some of our clients prefer to use smart locks for guests to check in and out quickly – this might be because they give the host more peace of mind.

With smart locks, hosts can generate different codes for each reservation, which can be customised to expire the day of check out so the guest can no longer access the property when they are not supposed to.

The code must be manually changed each time with standard lock boxes or key safes.

Let us know what you prefer, and we will work with you to create a hosted experience you’re comfortable with. Get in touch.

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