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Guest Screening & Vetting (Airbnb Approval)How We Screen & Assess Your Airbnb Guests

Pre-Approved Airbnb Guests

Do you need flexible, hassle-free Airbnb management, who, at the same time, optimises your rental income and vets your guests? We take the stress out of managing Airbnb rentals by taking over and running it as a successful getaway.

Not only can we increase your earnings, but we can also improve your star ratings, reviews and overall management of the property. But it all begins with vetting your guests, checking owner reviews and taking deposits to ensure we invite the right people in.

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What you need to know about preapproval

The Airbnb approval feature is a marketing tool encouraging guests to finalise their booking faster. It’s also a valuable feature for the host, who likes to vet and check availability.

When a guest has been pre-approved, they know they can confidently secure those dates, and you can benefit from knowing when and who you’ll be hosting.

Remember that pre-approval does not always guarantee a guest can book, but it’s only fair that they don’t reserve the date so other guests cannot enquire. As a benefit, your calendar will show availability before the booking is finalised and the dates approved.

We often recommend setting reservation requirements, which work similarly and allow a guest to adhere to your specifications before they can pursue the booking.


Guest approval process

With Airbnb, you have three choices:

  1. Guests can book instantly without any recommendations from other hosts
  2. Guests book instantly
  3. Guests requiring approval first

Within 24 hours, we’ll accept a pre-approval before it expires to make all the necessary checks before any booking is confirmed. We aim not to discourage bookings but to ensure trustworthy guests and prevent scams.

Our partnered hosts can have the option for instant bookings, which means bookings are confirmed without pre-approval, which means the process is much more instant. However, by having pre-approvals, we can avoid the need to cancel any reservations, which might result in penalties on your account or additional charges.

As any cancellations are shown on your review page, it can come across as a negative to future booking guests, which might make them nervous and result in deleting the listing and starting over. So, it’s important we get it right at the onboarding stage.

*Please note that pre-approval will be vital for new hosts who don’t have reviews.

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How we screen potential guests:

Our priority always is the safety of your home. So you can feel safe that your home is being left in good hands.

Our partners can rest assured that we thoroughly screen any potential guests so that we can remain confident that the most reputable and reliable guests will be staying in your house or flat.

We screen guests through numerous methods:

These include checking the profile of the guests, their background and any reviews, and the level of communication and information provided for their stay; if we are unsure about a guest, we will reach out to them to find out more.

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How we protect your holiday home

We also take several other measures to help screen guests and protect the property.

This includes:

  • Taking deposits
  • Having a longer minimum stay
  • Not allowing last-minute bookings
  • Setting house rules and pricing levels
  • Meeting the guests in person – learn more about guest communication.

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