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We Help Guests Check Into Your Holiday HomeFrom Self-Check-In To Key Exchange

Simplify the Check-in & Out Process

HelloGuest manages hundreds of Airbnb properties in London and the UK, yet we remain a personal and well-connected service. With us, partnered hosts get all the benefits of a boutique agency that is family-run and independent – this means your home will never be just a number in our portfolio. 

Communication, customer service and guest satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do.

As part of our inclusive Airbnb management services, we take over the guest check-in and check-out process to ensure a seamless process and transition from guest to guest. We’ll take the pressure off of you by creating easy-to-follow processes that allow us to take better care of your guests from the moment they arrive to the second they leave.

We’ll be there so you don’t have to – all that’s required of you? Sit back, relax and receive your well-deserved earnings.

Let us help you by helping your guests. Contact us here.

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Choice of check-in style

Here at Hello Guest, we’re always moving and updating our service to provide guests with the ultimate Airbnb experience – and this means providing them with the check-in services they prefer the most.

And if there’s one thing we know, today’s modern guest doesn’t want to be greeted and bothered. So they have chosen Airbnb for privacy and the at-home experience.

Our Airbnb management service includes all guest communication, vetting and ensuring they have the easy-to-understand information they need to access the property and keep it safe.

As the check-in process is most important for glowing reviews and all about the guest, we jump through hoops to ensure they have a welcoming check-in, which will help them get into holiday mode much quicker.

Learn more about the key exchange process.

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For hosts who prefer self-check-in processes:

During this process, we provide guests with automated messages prior to their stay communicating all the information they need to check in to their vacation rental and settle in smoothly.

Any house rules, terms or conditions and deposits are agreed upon before staying, and we are on hand to answer any guest questions during their holiday (and even after).

Check-in instructions

  • Directions and check-in details like codes, where the key box is etc., are all detailed to the guest, with someone on standby to help them through any confusion or trouble.
  • Information is sent to guests three days before check-in, allowing them plenty of time to ask questions.
  • The fundamental property information we provide allows us to reduce time on back-and-forth messages and cater to the most serious of customer queries.
  • We keep it simple – one lock, one key, one combination.
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Host-led check-ins

Depending on your approach, some hosts like to greet their guests upon arrival – and we like this personal touch too.

For some, this might work, but for others, not so much. Hosts will need to assess their guests on arrival – if they appear tired, it might be better to welcome them with a sweet treat and a warm refreshment.

However, host-led check-ins are an opportunity to offer a warm welcome, run through any house rules and how things work, and tour the premises.

Host-led check-ins also allow you to provide the guest with multiple ways of contact should they need your assistance during their stay.

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Why self-check ins are preferred

  • Saves time for everyone
  • More guests prefer a hands-off approach to check-in
  • Reduces stress for the guest to arrive at specific times
  • Provides a more exciting, private arrival process
  • Guests can take in the surroundings better and feel comfortable immediately
  • Demonstrates trust and privacy
  • Allows flexibility around timed arrivals

Guided checkouts

We like to keep guest checkout simple – just like check-in.

There are set times that a guest must check out, usually in the early morning. When the check-out time appears, a staff member will be at the property ready to turn it over for new guests to arrive.

Guests then leave the keys specified at their own leisure with no documents to sign or any cards or keys to exchange.

We create and set the house rules so we always have adequate time to ensure the property is ready for its next guest stay.

Partner with us and turn your Airbnb into something scalable and special. Click here to talk to us about our holiday let management (fees from 12%).

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