Guest ManagementWe Communicate with Guests Throughout their Stay

We Take Care of Your Guests, So You Don’t Have To

Have the freedom to share your space even if you’re busy or away, with a highly-rated, hassle-free dedicated management service.

Not only can you expect to maximise your returns and achieve 5* reviews, but you can rely on the fact that customer-service trained representatives will look after your property with a personalised and dedicated approach to all Airbnb guests that stay there.

Our partners after trusting our services have maximised their returns and achieved consistent 5* rated reviews. This is mostly down to our Property Managers, who look after your home and look after your guests with a personalised and dedicated approach.

I need help managing my property.

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We meet and greet guests

We make hosting simple. From the very point of contact to be on-site to provide support, we’ll be there 24/7 to ensure your home remains safe and that your guests are well taken care of.

Our services in this area are as follows:

  1. Guest communication and vetting from Airbnb et al
  2. Guest approval
  3. As we’re 24/7 we can allow guests to arrive whenever their flight comes in, or whatever suits them best
  4. Our seamless check-in service is for every guest upon their arrival – they know we are at their disposal and that we can assist them throughout their stay
  5. We’ll carry out an inventory prior to stay
  6. Your guests can expect to know the fine details of your home, the rules and all the hidden gems of the neighbourhood
  7. We hand the keys over
  8. When their end of stay approaches, we’ll be there to check them out and re-check the inventory


More often than not, this equates to very happy guests. See how much you could earn.



How do guests check in?

There are two main ways to check-in, one is self-check-in, and the other is to check in the guests in person.

For self-check-in, this could be by retrieving the key from a key lockbox, a smart key lock system or collection from a key storage point. See how we screen guests.


What’s the best way to do the Check-in & Key exchange for guests?

Different methods have some plus and minuses. For example, some guests appreciate personal meet & greets to welcome and introduce them to the property, while other guests want to be left alone to relax after a long journey.

Self-check-in methods have become more commonly used. The significant advantage is the flexibility it offers for guests when to check-in and allows guests to manage their timing – it also resolves issues around travel delays.


What happens if a guest damages something?

We ask all guests to pay a deposit; this helps screen guests to ensure they are serious about their stay and make them aware that they could be liable if something is damaged.

The customer will be liable for any damage caused. However, our host guarantee programme will ensure that you will be protected if there is damage to your place or belongings. Read more FAQs.


Guided check-out

Guests will either meet someone to checkout or self-checkout, in both cases, we provide the information when they need to checkout, a reminder to leave the property in a good state and any specific instructions specific to that property (e.g. heating systems, where to leave the keys, etc).

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Why hand over your keys?

– We’re staycation and property let experts with real-hand experience

– You get the support you need with Airbnb professional co-hosts

– We take care of your home and guests

– We provide exceptional hosting and guest experiences

– Allows you to share your space when you are busy or away

Turn your second home, or empty property into an easy and lucrative opportunity

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Professionalism and consistently delivering a quality service are his key focus and to ensure the team and operations deliver on this.

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