Airbnb Booking Management & Guest ScreeningHow we Screen Your Airbnb Guests and Manage Short-Let Bookings

Achieve More Bookings, Screen Guests & Simplify Hosting

Do you need flexible, hassle-free Airbnb management, who at the same time optimise your property and rental income?

We take the stress out of renting out your property by taking over and running it as a successful boutique getaway.

Not only can we increase your earnings, but improve your star ratings, reviews and overall management of the property.

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One property, multiple listings

To ensure the best occupancy rate, we have the skills and expertise to get your property in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

We do this by carefully creating top tier listing descriptions that make your property stand out from the crowd.

Modern Apartment

Grabbing a customer’s attention

We offer complete property management. We know that a single picture speaks a thousand words – that’s why we look into why your property on Airbnb and other website ads may not have performed very well and look into your pictures to see how we can improve them.

We look into professional real estate photographers, who can capture your home in its best light.


Property listing optimisation

Our team of property experts will be on hand 24/7 to dive deep into the data of your listing to ensure it remains fully optimised.

This is to help ensure that profit rates and interest remain high.

Our partners can expect us to yield promising results wherever their property is across the UK.

We also implement dynamic pricing strategies that will any open dates to cover obstacles like last-minute cancellations – this means you get the most out of your property, always.



How long does it take to create a listing?

We would allow 1-2 weeks to create the listing and have you check it. It can be faster if you have an existing profile and the information needed is already available or longer if there is information that needs to be collected and photos were taken. We will help you every step of the way.

How long does it take to receive the first booking?

We can use either if it’s a new listing we would generally recommend using ours as we have an existing and strong profile on booking channels with thousands of reviews that will help new listings get started while if you have an existing profile with good reviews then we can manage your profile

Do we use our profile or yours for the listing?

We will use our own profile service to manage your listing, which makes fees simpler and allows us to manage your property more effectively.

Do you work with sites other than Airbnb?

We can advertise a property on a single booking channel such as Airbnb or multiple channels for wider exposure. Short lets have grown significantly and continues to grow as a popular choice for accommodation.

This in turn has led to an expansion and increased choice in booking channels and platforms for guests and travellers to book their stay. There are now many other large bookings sites offering short term and holiday rentals – Expedia, Tripadvisor, Zoopla, Rightmove,, Vrbo, Spot A Home.

What booking platforms do you advertise on?

We will advertise on the booking channels that are right for your property. Some of the considerations will be the location of the property (city-based, coastal or rural), the available period for rental (just a few weeks or all year round), the quality or the finish of the property (e.g. does it offer a good basic standard or luxury type of accommodation), and finally what type of guests you want to attract.

We would normally advertise on about 10-15 major booking platforms/networks that give a wider exposure. Here, we review and add or remove booking channels depending on their performance.

Guest approval – how we screen potential guests:

Our priority always is the safety of your home. So you can feel safe that your home is being left in good hands.

Our partners can rest assured that we thoroughly screen any potential guests so that we can remain confident that the most reputable and reliable guests will be staying in your house or flat.

We screen guests through numerous methods:

These include checking the profile of the guests, their background and any reviews, the level of communication and information provided for their stay, if we are not sure about a guest we will reach out to them to find out more.

There are also several other measures we take to help screen guests and protect the property.

This includes:

  • Taking deposits
  • Having a longer minimum stay
  • Not allowing last-minute bookings
  • Setting house rules and pricing levels
  • Meeting the guests in person – learn more about guest communication.

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