Airbnb Review ManagementThe Ultimate Guide to Managing Guest Reviews + How we Can Improve Them

How to Get More 5-Star Reviews with Airbnb Co-Host Management

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that one of the most important elements of marketing your short-term rental is with impressive, Airbnb reviews.

Was the process easy for the guest? How involved were you? Did they feel safe? Comfortable? Did you provide any personal touches like a welcome basket?

These are elements a guest will be scoring you against and by ticking all of these boxes, you’ll be assisting your guests to have a memorable, positive experience.

In addition to the Airbnb algorithm, great guest reviews build confidence and trust, and thus equals more bookings. However, staying on top of your Airbnb management as well as optimisation of your listing and managing guest reviews is challenging.

So, if you need a co-host or Airbnb manager, we operate throughout the UK and will be there whenever you need us. Reach out.

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Encourage warm and positive reviews

The Airbnb rental management industry reviews can reflect your overall performance and demonstrate how well your property or flat ranks in guests’ eyes.

Based on guest reviews, you can quickly understand the effectiveness of your team and their performance and identify any weak spots within your Airbnb business; guest communication, customer satisfaction, response rate, cleanliness level etc.

However, by working with an Airbnb co-host or agent like Hello Guest, we’ll manage every aspect of your short-let stays, from check-in to check-out.

In this regard, choosing an experienced Airbnb management company can guarantee more customers, frequent bookings and higher reviews because we know what matters.

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Why is it essential to monitor guest reviews?

Did you know that only 23% of short-let guests book a property without reading the reviews? Source.

That means 77% of the UK consider reviews necessary, meaning they’re hugely influential for your business.

There’s no arguing that many great reviews generate more bookings and higher prices.

Furthermore, managing guest reviews is a critical aspect of any company or Airbnb short-let business, not to mention ensuring your guests have the best possible experience.

An Airbnb management company like Hello Guest will understand your customer’s expectations and how to meet them.

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What about negative guest reviews?

Even the most qualified properties can receive negative feedback and comments. If these comments indicate a true disservice, or a lack of clarity, for example, it will be necessary to treasure this kind of review and put in place any corrective measures.

However, sometimes, guests consider reviews as tools of retaliation, and unfortunately, there’s no sure way to block this type of customer. But one’s response should never take the same tone.

Polite and professional responses will demonstrate to other customers that you care and have a good predisposition to hospitality and guest care – this way, the hotelier can actually use negative reviews to their advantage.

We can help.

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What does Airbnb say about reviews?

Reviews on Airbnb play a vital role in the ranking algorithm. 

In fact, according to Airbnb, one category that can significantly influence search ranking results is the number of five-star reviews you claim. 

Airbnb suggests that to have a successful Airbnb business, you’ll need to correspond to a minimum requirement of 4.8 out of 5 stars to become a Superhost.

I’m ready for help.

How to improve your Airbnb portal score

Monitoring, managing and encouraging great reviews is crucial for any Airbnb owner or hotelier.

We can give you several tips on how to improve your Airbnb review score, and it all starts with excellent customer service.

When you receive poor reviews, it might not be down to providing poor customer service, but it might be that you do not have time to match every expectation of each and every guest.

That’s where an Airbnb manager like Hello Guest comes in. From only a 12% fee, we’ll manage and run all your day-to-day operations from cleaning, replenishing, guest communication, bookings and reviews.

And as we have significant experience in this field from working with various properties around the UK and being Superhosts ourselves, we know exactly what to do to get you to the top of searches.

Contact us to see how we can help.

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