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Scale Your Airbnb & Increase Your Income

Maximising Income, Types Of Income And Expenditure

One of the pitfalls of being an Airbnb host is being responsible for every aspect of your holiday rental, often alone.

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If you’re not speaking to guests, you’re cleaning and preparing for their stay or trying to catch up on admin – God forbid anyone cancels! And this leaves little room for you to maximise your business, grow your bookings and scale your income – we know this better than anyone because we used to be Airbnb hosts too.

Now, we’re property managers who help Airbnb business owners reclaim their profits and get back to the life they should be living, with more money in their back pocket to enjoy. Read on to see how we did it and how we can help you do it too.

Understanding Your Airbnb Expenses

Like any business, setting up an Airbnb will require an initial investment. Whether you’re an experienced host or a newbie without any knowledge of the financial side of the game, we’ll help explain the operating costs you’re likely to incur, not just to get going but every year as an Airbnb host.

Homeowners, property owners and landlords should all bear in mind that there are several costs associated with starting an Airbnb business, and it’s always wise to consider these expenses beforehand to be financially prepared. Learn more.

Smart Pricing Strategies

To help encourage your business to be profitable, we’ll introduce smart pricing strategies that ensure your revenue far exceeds your expenses, including the cost of using a property management company like ourselves.

We deliver various pricing strategies that work with your property through peak and quiet periods. Strategies include:

  • Maximum Fill Rates Strategy
  • Maximum Rate Per Night Strategy
  • Long-Term Rentals Strategy
  • Balanced Airbnb Strategy

Learn more about short-let pricing approaches.

Investing In Airbnb

Airbnb investments are always an excellent strategy for serious real estate investors looking to scale at large and earn maximum profits from multiple property rentals at once.

To be considered an Airbnb investor, you will need to purchase properties in popular destinations and get them ready to short-let. You can choose to list the entire property or an individual room. We can help you follow all the processes to ensure the properties perform well on their associated booking platforms.

Learn more about maximising your income.

The Benefits Of Investing In Airbnb

Statistics show us that the income you’ll earn from a well-run Airbnb can far exceed that of running a long-term rental model. See types of income.

Airbnb investment allows for an inherent degree of flexibility not seen with other letting options in terms of pricing models and strategies, as well as the type of space you can offer.

With short-lets, there’s no long-term commitment or tie-in; you can take your properties off sites like Airbnb and use them for other purposes when and as you wish.

One major limitation for certain investors is that short-lets require active presence as there’s a recurring need for constant communication. Landlords and property owners looking for passive income will most certainly need assistance from a property management company like HelloGuest, which specialises in short lets and provides one of the lowest service rates among competitors. With us, you get to keep more of your money.

What We Offer

Unlike other Airbnb management companies, we aim to simplify hosting by being upfront and transparent about our costs.

HelloGuest is a complete management fee-based service to use whenever you require; our commission is earned from the net booking value excluding the cleaning charges. Fees begin from 12%.

What’s Included In The 12% Fee:

Learn more about pricing here.

Locations We Operate In

We operate everywhere – our services cover all of London and the most frequently visited, popular tourist destinations across EnglandScotland and Wales. Our portfolio covers many properties, from individual private homes and holiday properties to multi-unit/apartment blocks.

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Leading Airbnb Manager & Co-Founder

Professionalism and consistently delivering quality service are his key focus, and to ensure the team and operations deliver on this.

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Support Manager & Co-Founder

Being a natural extrovert and a go-getter, Veronica is a great communicator and is the face of HelloGuest.