How Can I Maximise My Earnings on Airbnb?

Five Ways to Maximize your Earnings on Airbnb

Is Airbnb profitable for hosts in the UK? The truth is that short-term lets can earn you thousands every year. 

Especially if your service is managed and executed correctly.

On average, Airbnb hosts can make £600+ a month.

Below are some major considerations that will factor into your Airbnb profit, and remember, running an Airbnb business can be time-consuming, so make sure to set it up correctly to guarantee and ensure consistent profitability.

For any help increasing your Airbnb earnings – just ask us, we’ve done it time and time again and can help you do the same.

is your home ready to rent

Is your home up to scratch?

Airbnb is the new generation hotel – and whilst trends come and go, there are a few staples that we as guests expect when we stay away.

It’s fair to say that we all expect the basic luxuries:

  • Clean, spotless  apartment or home
  • Fresh linen / no hairs or blocked drains
  • A fresh lick of paint on walls that look a bit tired
  • Ironed sheets and clean towels

It’s important to remember that Airbnb guests do not want to be reminded that people live in the property – whilst it may be your home when renting it out, you need to make sure that traces of your life are not hanging around.

airbnb home management

Hire professionals

In our opinion, one way to increase your earnings and turn your home into a profitable business is by hiring an Airbnb Management Company.

First and foremost, you will begin to treat your home, holiday cottage or second property as a business – and one that is managed well.

Airbnb management companies will work tirelessly to market your home, optimise your listing and of course, care for your guests every step of the way.

Why Airbnb management companies work to increase your profit:

  • They optimise your listing
  • They manage your booking calendar and schedule
  • They greet and check out guests
  • They vet guests and take security deposits
  • They professionally clean your home between stays
  • They supply hotel-like toiletries and fresh linen
  • And so much more…

See our property let management services here.

rent your home and earn more

Bad photos can cost you money

Another simple way to increase your revenue is by keeping your property spotless and ensuring it looks inviting.

Again, property management companies can help to optimise your listing, which includes taking new, professional photographs that make the property appear lighter, brighter and the ideal space to get away to.

By uploading plenty of photos, you will be showing the customer everything they need to know before their stay.

Research shows that 10 or more photos will increase the transaction price and reduce the time it takes for a buyer to convert.

Plus, if you integrate some nice, unique touches into your home, you can increase the chance that the customer revisits.


Extra and easy touches

You know what it’s like when you go away and all the amenities that make a difference. After all, it’s the little things in life that make the most difference.

Simple tips include:

  • Fold towels and place them at the foot of the bed
  • Leave guests tea and coffee
  • Any homemade or local products
  • A little jar of sweets or chocolates

More ways you can increase revenue on Airbnb

  1. Upload the best version of your listing
  2. Gain plenty of reviews
  3. Tailor your amenities to your particular audience
  4. Offer more / add-ons
  5. Price appropriately
  6. Expand your availability
  7. Plan for the future

If you’re interested in hiring an expert Airbnb Management Company, get in touch with us here.