Airbnb Property Management

Often we get asked what Airbnb is and how it actually works. Lets face it a few years ago very few people had heard of Airbnb at all.

In this article we will focus on what Airbnb is and how you can successfully manage your property on Airbnb

Airbnb has created an online platform to allow property owners to offer their space (be it just a room or the entire home) and make it available for visitors to rent for short stays. The host can show pictures of the property, provide a description and a nightly price to rent. The booking is made directly through the platform offering some protection for both sides as well as the option to secure a deposit. Its very simple to set up and provides some handy extra income.

However there are some considerations if you decide to use Airbnb and critical choices to make before you start. The biggest of these is how you will effectively execute the day to day Airbnb property management will determine whether you spend the weekends scrubbing your toilets or scrubbing the deck of your sailboat on some exotic island (for those of us who have sail boats but you take my meaning!)

One of the main challenges while managing your Airbnb property management is to separate or minimize your time from the income it can generate. If you are managing your Airbnb property you should aim to spend not more than 3 hours per week on it.

Airbnb property management includes each and every tedious task like cleaning, purchasing household goods, guest check-ins, accepting new reservations and maintaining a good line of communication with the current guests.

There are several aspects to the Airbnb property management in London. Let us take a look at each of them closely one by one.

  1. Sync your Airbnb calendar to Google

Check-ins, Check-outs, cleaning services and other jobs will always keep your schedule busy and at a certain point of time it will be increasingly difficult to keep track of all the appointments and tasks to be completed. There is an option and feature to sync your calendar to the Google Calendar. You can share all your booking details and other appointments at a one stop location and this will help deliver better scheduling. The Google Calendar also gives the added advantage of storing the Contact Information and other details along with the check-in and check-out times of all the guests. Airbnb provides a calendar management mode which makes it pretty easy to be able to sync it with Google.

  1. Crack each and every job

Prepare a list on which jobs you would like to do and which you would rather outsource. While most of the jobs may not be that glamorous, like scrubbing a toilet, it will help you save some money.

  1. Outsource others

Outsourcing has become important, as you cannot be expected to each and every other job along with your current full time job. There are various companies you can outsource all or part of the property management, such as cleaning or meeting and greeting guests. Just identify the tasks you least want to do or are most time consuming and see if you can cost effectively outsource them.

  1. Maintain an inventory

The supplies, if not managed correctly, tend to run out at the most inconvenient of times and can be reflected in getting poor reviews. For example most guests expect there to be toilet paper and will negatively comment if they are forced to buy some. Getting the required items organized can be easily achieved by providing and establishing a periodic checklist for ordering and replacing the missing items.

Doing a monthly inventory check for all the property rentals can also help significantly. Also, buying some of these products in wholesale can also help you save considerable amounts of money.

If the property is hugely popular and you are earning respectable amounts of income from it, then you may also consider hiring a personal assistant or a caretaker for the property if it covers the costs.

  1. Automated check-ins and check-outs

Success is if you can get a person in and out of an apartment with the least possible amount of hassle both for the guests and hosts. Many guests prefer less intervention from the hosts so you may consider installing keysafes or keylocks by the entrance to allow guests to check-in and check-out when they want opposed to the tricky part of coordinating having someone available to meet them.

  1. Hire Good Cleaning Service Providers

There is a huge cleaning service market available with many providers competing for your business. Ensure that you have a service that is reliable, can offer a flexible schedule and understands the business that you are in. if you cannot hire a cleaning service agency for each booking then another option is to hire them to deep clean the property once per month and then handle the rest on your own. If you do have some free time on your hands, then this should not be too difficult.

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